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  • "Mr. Roboto": Ivy is going through a line of guys to figure out which one she'll use to make Hutch jealous. She's going down the line and pointing out a flaw as to why they can't be the one saying "Too (blank)". Echo mistakenly steps into the line and Ivy's response when she gets to Echo is "Too girly."
  • Derby's restaurant Booties in "Mr. Elephant" has Ivy waiting tables in a tight shirt with the restaurant's name where Male Gaze was already going to be looking, not unlike a certain famous restaurant chain.
  • In "Mr. Picture Day," Echo's explanation of prom night is a bit suggestive.
    • Adam's response is just as suggestive.
  • Mr. Switch: Adam (as Echo) and Echo (as Derby) watch Mrs. Byrne surmise that it's "Dress as Your Favorite Person Day" and her response is to say her favorite is Lady Godiva. Cue Mrs. Byrne starting to strip while they look on in horror.
    • When they each dress as each other to keep track of who's who. We don't see it, but just think about it...
    • Ivy!Slab kissing Derby!Echo as from Echo's perspective, Ivy is kissing her and from Slab's perspective, he's kissing Derby.
  • In "Mr. Hyde," Echo's detailed description of hot yoga leads to Adam excusing himself for a minute.
  • When Mrs. Byrne thinks her funeral is at hand, she declares her intentions to leave the world as she entered it... dressed like a carrot.
  • In "Mr. Love Letter," Jared's nonplussed "Uh..." is treated by Adam, Slab and Echo as an Unusual Euphemism with sexual connotations.
  • "That's one place I never expected to see Derby's face."
  • In "Mr. Impossible", Adam disguises himself as a water fountain (It Makes Sense in Context), leading to an interaction with Dang that makes it look a lot like Dang is drinking Adam's semen.
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  • In "Mr. Meteor", Slab tells Adam "I wonder what our kids are gonna look like!" (He tried to cover it by pretending he was talking about starting a zoo with baby goats)
  • There's also the fact that Dang's brother Ding had kids with a duck. And not a talking duck.
  • Adam tells Derby in "Mr. Heart" that he went to college and therefore "knows his way around a woman's body" (because he took a lot of courses on human anatomy).
  • "Mr. Memory": Derby puts pieces of pre-chewed gum each in Adam and Echo's mouths so they have fresh breath later for making out. He pops a piece in his own mouth and amidst a Death Glare from each of them, responds: "You never know where this evening will go!"
    • Echo immediately assumes that Adam's plan to wipe Derby's memory of them dating will involve Adam dressing up as a girl as he has in the past and seems to clearly be turned on by the idea. Kinky much, Echo?