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  • The story "Dalla parte sbagliata" (never released in English, unfortunately) has Mickey in a Banana Republic ruled by a fascist dictator. One of the locals warns him that asking questions around here can be dangerous. Mickey soon learns this the hard way: cue a jolly old lady talking his ears off about her family history up to the wee hours of midnight, with the exhausted Mickey noting: "I simply asked her what the time was!"
  • In "Mickey Mouse and the River of Time", the titular mouse teams up with Pegleg Pete to recover the Steamboat Willie. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The beginning. Mickey wakes up and finds Pete in his house, who's talking amiably with him and having breakfast without permission. What's hilarious is that Mickey keeps an expression that's best described as "I'm too sleepy to give a damn".
    • He then proceeds to call Minnie for help. It has to be read to be believed:
    Mickey: Hi, Minnie! Yes, but not right now! I'm here with Black Pete, and... (pause) No, I didn't capture him. (irritated pause; points the receiver towards Pete) Tell her.
    Mickey: (listens to the answer) AND I'M NOT BEING HELD HOSTAGE, EITHER!
    Pete: Want me to talk to her? (steals the phone) Hiya, Minnie! What? Yeah, I trust you! ...What's that? He really did that? You don't say! What a clown! HAR HAR HAR!
    Pete: That's right! What did I always tell you? Yeah, uh huh...
    Mickey: What? Are you talking about me?... ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?!?
    Pete: Well, I gotta go! Maybe we can talk again sometime!
    • Pete's barge to recover the SW is The Alleged Boat. And he stole it. Then Mickey discovers that he stole it from a circus.
      • Then Mickey grabs the Idiot Ball and starts a bonfire on the barge.
    Pete: YOU MORON! You sank my first boat, and now you're burning up my second—you'll probably blow up my next one before we even leave port!
  • In the first issue of Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine we see a college-age Mickey and his room mate at a drive-in, talking loud enough to disturb the other public of the crime movie. So someone protested... And they revealed the identity of the culprit and how they guessed it, so they wouldn't disturb anyone anymore.
  • In one story, Witch Hazel learned that Goofy believed anything Gilbert told him, so she realized the key to convince Goofy she was a witch was to convince him. And Gilbert admitted that magic could could exist as he had no evidence of the opposite. Easy, right? Wrong: he's intelligent and cultured enough to give a scientific explanation for anything she does, and the one thing he couldn't explain away, namely conjuring a number of circus artist animals, was made unacceptable when the juggling octopus screwed up ("If it was magic, then everything would have been perfect").
  • In an Italian story (whose title we'll withold 'till the end of the entry so we won't ruin the joke), Pete was being tried for another caper, and the judge, seeing that his previous jail sentences had failed to correct his behaviour, gave him a rather 'interesting' form of penal labour: he enrolled him in the police. The whole Mouseton police laughed their collective ass off... Then O'Hara showed all his sadism by making him the partner of a new officer with Super OCD. The story's title is "Agente Gambadilegno, il Caso È Tuo!", or, in English, "Officer Pete, the Case Is Yours!".
    • As the idea of Pete as a cop is just that funny, it happened again: Mouseton's mayor, desperate to get indisciplinate drivers corrected, had decreed that any traffic violation over a certain limit would result in the perpetrator working as a street cop for a week, and Pete had just crashed into multiple cars while giving chase to two potential accomplices who had stolen his plan for a job... And he did it at the same time Goofy was being subjected to the same punishment due his antique car causing violations by just getting on the road. O'Hara, who had got Mickey to volunteer as Goofy's partner in the patrols, just added Pete and turned it in a three-men patrol with custom bikes, Mickey's having extensions for the pedals because he was too short otherwise, Pete's being reinforced to take his weight, and Goofy's having training wheels due his trouble at staying balanced. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In "Mickey and the 7 Boglins", Minnie realizes that Mickey has been replaced by Miklos, and decides to expose him. Her solution? Trick him into getting a heart tattoo with her name.
    • Miklos' face when Minnie identifies him as the imposter from the tattoo.
  • The 2015 story "Tutto Questo Accadrà Ieri" is full with these:
    • When he realizes it's Mickey's birthday, Goofy gives him a state-of-the-art cell phone with a video message of a young Goofy telling him to go there... Recorded in 1939. When asked about what's happening, Goofy only has two things to say: that the mysterious guy who asked him to do this was "bizarre", and that he also asked him to do another thing.
    • While Goofy's busy doing the other thing the mysterious guy asked him to, Mickey finds out that Pete has kidnapped Minnie, and has to go at a destroyed light tower over a cliff. Turns out Pete has remembered that, on June 6 1939, a time travelling Mickey coming from that exact day stopped him from taking over the world in that place, and Pete has decided to change history by having Mickey stay there all day, threatening to drop Minnie on the rocks under the tower if he tries anything. Mickey is worried, because the Time Machine he knows of is in the basement of Mouseton's history museum... Cue the time machine and the archeologist and the scientist who own it emerging from the light tower's ruin because the museum was being renovated and they don't want it to be discovered. Pete's face when he realizes that he brought Mickey where the time machine was is priceless.
    • The interactions between Future!Mickey and Past!Mickey, and Past!Minnie's exasperation.
    • The archeologist that, in the past, discovered the Glove of Amnèzja, an artifact with immense hypnotic powers that Past!Pete wants to use to rule the world, is first seen in person in his underwear fishing from a bucket.
    • Past!Pete is selling TVs at a low price so he'll hit everyone with the Glove's power, and keeps the price low by hypnotizing his factory's workers into believing they spent half their pay on charity or pistachio ice cream.
    • When Past!Pete finds out that one of the Mickeys trying to stop him is a time traveller coming from the days of his birthday, he only has one thing to say:
      "Do you really celebrate your birthday going back in time to annoy people?"
    • Future!Mickey shooting at Pete with a howitzer.
    • When Mickey returns to 2015, Pete drops Minnie on the rocks, and Mickey jumps after her. Pete and the professors think they are dead... Then Pete looks down, and has only one thing to say:
  • One of Gilbert's early stories got him kidnapped by Pete, who tought he was from a rich family (in Pete's defense he was studying at a boarding school for the rich and the geniuses, and couldn't know Gilbert was there on a scholarship). Mickey wants to rescue him... But Goofy isn't all that happy about this, as Gilbert at the time was an incredibly annoying combination of Motor Mouth and Insufferable Genius, so the uncle was both unwilling to deal with his nephew again any time soon and convinced that staying around Gilbert was punishment enough for the kidnappers. Cut to Pete, who's getting desperate to get rid of Gilbert.
  • In a Super Goof story, a villain who had already encountered Super Goof once insults our hero, wounding his feelings and making him cry and blow his nose... Cut to Duckburg, where Donald and his nephews are on the villain's case for climbing on their house's tree for the second time in two days (first time was when Super Goof punched him).
  • In an Italian Super Goof story, the hero confronts a new super-villain who gives a long-winded explanation of his powers. The guy can harness the power of thunder and hurl it back at his opponents. Super Goof calmly points out the weather conditions around them: a warm, sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, and no thunders anywhere around. The previously confident villain suddenly realizes that his powers would not work under such conditions, and does not know what to do. The next panel skips ahead in time, to the villain being escorted away by the police while an unimpressed Super Goof is searching for a more legitimate threat. Super Goof did not even have to lift a finger.
  • In one occasion, Casey and Rock Sassi arrested Santa: they saw him with a sack trying to enter a home and mistook him for a thief dressed as Santa, never mind the reindeer-pulled sleigh (and they mistook the reindeers for dogs). Hilarity Ensues:
    • O'Hara's growing horror as he checks the strange dogs and find its reindeer, sees the sack contains an impossible number of packages, and then goes back to his office to stop the two idiots and free Santa... Only to find out they shaved his "fake" beard.
    • After this, Santa, already exhasperated for the demands of modern children and the stress of his job, decides to quit. O'Hara has him thrown into a cell until he changes his mind, as he is indeed guilty of countless counts of breaking and entering... But as he doesn't tell anyone who the guy was, he's put in the same cell as Pete. Who just wants to go home and enjoy Trudy's christmas dishes.
    • Out of curiosity, O'Hara tries out Santa's costume... Just in time to be kidnapped by three elves that wanted to rescue Santa. Upon realizing the mistake, they send a letter to the police demanding they free Santa and give back the sack, the sleigh and the reindeers in exchange for the commissioner. Too bad he's already broken out with Pete...
    • The police trying to understand how did Santa and Pete escape from an air vent too small for Mickey (Santa's magic made it enlarge for him, and Pete just followed him).
    • At the end of the story Pete, of all people, has restored Santa's christmas spirit, all is solved, O'Hara says that at least Casey and Rock Sassi cannot do something so stupid again... Cut to them arresting the Befana (an Italian folk figure that brings gifts to children on the epiphany holiday).
    • In a later story, Mickey is wondering how he'll be able to restore his nephews' faith in Santa, and confides in Casey and Rock. They immediately admit the time they arrested him, and when Mickey of course thinks they're pulling his leg they decide to arrest Santa again and drag him to Mickey's house. They end up arresting O'Hara, who had dressed up like Santa and was going at Mickey's, and don't realize the mistake until they see Santa's flying sleigh in the last panel.
  • In The Ice Princess, Mickey accidentally goes to a land where both buildings and residents are made of ice. An individual named Mrozek has a problem - he must make the princess fall in love with him, otherwise all the bachelors in the town will melt. Mickey decides to help him. And then the beautiful and cruel princess falls in love with Mickey. Hilarity Ensues...