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  • A special event in Shotgun on 1998 has all the WWF superheavyweights (Henry, Big Van Vader, Golga, Kurrgan and Giant Silva) having a tug of war against a large bunch of New York City Police Department cops. It is funny not only because, well, they were wrestlers from three different and opposing factions all teaming up, but because they won the contest.
  • Some of Sexual Chocolate's shenanigans.
    • Henry's final therapy session in 1999 showed him lying on a Freudian Couch, talking about his sadness and despair about his sexual urge... and then the camera turned to The Godfather sitting in the psychiatrist's chair, lightly knocking it off and telling him that he is just "a big guy with a big appetite".
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    • The segment is followed by a tag team match against Mideon and Viscera. Henry is so happy for having finally solved his problem that, after kicking Viscera out of the ring with a shoulder block, he dances a bit before splashing Mideon for the pin.
    • Next week, Godfather is looking for Henry to corner him in a match against Viscera. He finds him in a room, surrounded by hoes. His reaction? "Man, if this was a pastry shop you'd be eating all the profits! Let's go, it's time to go to work!"
    • A segment, during Henry and Viscera's alliance, showing two overweight hoes leaving the dressing room and two more entering, with Henry wet and wearing a Modesty Towel. Jesus.
      • Henry's alliance with Viscera ends the same night, as he is still not satiated. He gets distracted by Terri and gets double-teamed by the Hardy Boys during a tag team match, being pinned for good. Viscera is so exasperated that he pulls Henry down and splashes him twice.
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    • Later, before a match against the Godfather, Henry is shown on the titantron lying on a bed in an evident old school post-coitus shot. He proclaims it has been the most erotic experience in his life. The camera then goes for his bed partner... and it's freaking MAE YOUNG, smoking a freaking cigar. The Godfather's face is priceless.
    • Another tag team match with Henry and Godfather against the Dudley Boyz has them disqualified when Mae Young hits one of the Dudleyz over the head with a metal flask. It Makes Sense in Context, as she had been drinking with the hos moments before.
  • Mark Henry doesn't appreciate being interrupted by The Big Show. In turn, Show does appreciate being taunted while already in a bad mood.
    Mark: You wait your turn! Now you take your HE-HE-HEAVY BREATHING AND YOU TAKE THAT DROOLING SOMEWHERE ELSE! Now as I was sayin—**Punch**
  • Defeated Sin Cara on the February 18, 2013 Raw with the World's Strongest Slam. He set up for it again when the Great Khali made his way out. Henry mocked Khali's dancing and said, "That's all you're good for, is dancing."
    • Even funnier since every time they actually fight, Henry ends up owning Khali with a World's Strongest Slam, which he proceeded to do the following week.
  • In the 2014 Survivor Series match between Team Cena and The Authority, Henry is the opening man for Team Authority. HHH spends several minutes getting Henry fired up, shouting in his face, getting him roaring and ready to rumble. Henry turns around, runs into the centre of the ring... and The Big Show punches him in the face, knocking him out cold and covering him for the pin. The faces of HHH and Steph were a picture!

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