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  • More of a shared Funny Moment, but Shawn Michaels and The Hurricane doing each other's poses during a main-event match, and Shawn acting like, "Yeah, I just did that, so what?"
  • 2002 Royal Rumble. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Triple H have been bashing each other about for a bit. "Stand back! There's a Hurricane coming through!. Austin and Triple H clothesline each other down. Hurricane comes running in and poses for a bit, eventually grabbing each of them by the throats for a Hurri-Chokeslam. Steve and Hunter look at each other like "Is he serious?", before bundling Hurricane out over the top rope. Total ring-time: 42 seconds. See it here
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  • Manages to hold his own on the mic against The Rock (skip to just before 6:00).
  • This line from the Hurricane (w/Mighty Molly) before his match with Kane on the October 11, 2001 SmackDown!.
    The Hurricane: Citizen Kane! I think you're making a mistake with your life. Think about it: you've got a cool costume, you got a cool mask, you're seven feet tall, and you don't fight crime - WASSUPWITDAT? I think you would be a great addition to the Hurrileague, and together with the Hurricane and Mighty Molly...we would be the superest super team that ever lived? Whaddaya say - Hurritwin powers - activate!
  • Total Nonstop DELETION: During the "Tag Team Apocalypto" match, he gets thrown to the Lake of Reincarnation, and comes out as his former 3-Count self. His partners of the Helms Dynasty try to follow his moves, but he stops them saying that they're not Shannon Moore or Evan Karagias, and that they're cooler than them. How do his partners react? By superkicking him to the Lake.
    • After burying his former partners of the Helms Dynasty and Matt's "burial pride" line, they do a hilarious double smiling thumbs-up to the screen.


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