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Chapter 1:

  • In the prologue, at one point Graham comes to a fork in the cavern. Going one way is correct. Going the other way causes him to be eaten by the dragon. You get an achievement for being eaten.
  • The "hogtied and kidnapped by squirrels" death.
  • In the finale, where Manny throws a tantrum over losing the Duel of Wits and tries to cave in Graham's head with a large mace, you face a karma decision. Amaya Blackstone, the badass Gadgeteer Genius Action Girl who advocates the "brave" choices, offers Graham a dagger. The Hobblepots, the Cool Old Couple alchemists who advocate the "wise" choices, offer Graham a handful of smoke bombs. So what does Wente the kindly baker who advocates the "compassionate" choices offer Graham? A cream pie. Yes, really. What's even funnier is it's an entirely valid choice, and it doesn't diminish the awesome factor of the confrontation in the slightest bit.
  • Some of the questions you can ask Whisper after the Duel of Speed and his replies.
    Graham: Can Whisper run fast enough to wind back time?
    Whisper: Whisper can do it!... but is morally obligated not to.
    Graham: Can Whisper run faster than Whisper?
    Whisper: Whisper has tried that! Whisper would not try it again.
    • Really, almost anything Whisper says becomes even more hilarious when you know that he's voiced by Gaston.
  • The Running Gag of having Graham excitedly speculate about anything that catches his eye, such as Manny wanting to be his friend, the weed whacker, and the cauldron.
  • Whisper babbling during his meltdown gives quite a few good lines.
    Whisper: There are no fans. There are only frogs. Frogs are my people now. They will love me. Love me, Frogs!
  • Gwen's reaction to seeing the Dragon breathe fire during the second well visit.
    Gwendolyn: Squee!!
    Graham: (deadpan) We did not share your excitement.
  • This tidbit of dialogue after Graham meets the Hobblepots.
    Graham: Zounds! Did you just read my fortune!?
    Chester: No. We are just very old and very judgmental people.
    • Which leads to this gem:
    Chester: We used to tell fortunes, but there was no future in it.
    • Later, you can ask them for advice, and they give a similar and just as funny response.
    Graham: Do you have any advice for a knight hopeful?
    Muriel: Of course we do!
    Chester: We're old and opinionated.
  • Another funny Hobblepot moment: as you finish all of their personal quests, the townsfolk will leave their shops and hang around the square bantering with one another. Everyone has a general "I'm glad to see everyone here" comment once you complete everything - even Chester. Except for Muriel, that is, who has glowing words that sound like a compliment until she goes on and you realize it's not. The fact that she keeps the same grandmotherly tone the whole time while making cracks at everyone really sells it.
    Muriel: It’s bustling out here, just like old times. Well, except, Amaya’s shop used to sell toys and the square didn’t reek like butter all the time. I remember the children dancing around that glorious oak tree - the one that is now just a sapling. In general, there was charm and wonderfulness to be found everywhere. Other than that though, it’s just like old times.

Chapter 2:

  • While seeing Gwendolyn being scared of the thunderstorm isn't funny in itself, the way she yelps and jumps three feet in the air sure is.
  • One of the items you can get is a poisoned cake... that you can eat!
  • At the end, Graham and a friend are suddenly facing a dragon. Graham's reaction? "Get in my cape!" What really sells it is the friend's reaction:
  • Giving Chester the frog... It has to be seen to be believed.
    Chester: Froggy froggy froggy!

Chapter 3:

  • While the rules of the question game are being explained, all Graham can think of is how to impress the princesses.
  • Choosing to go to Amaya for advice will net Graham a wrench that he can give to either princess. If he gives it to Vee, she naturally uses it to fix her broken puzzle box the expected proper way. If he gives it to Neese, however, she whacks her broken lute repeatedly with the wrench. It somehow works in completely repairing the lute.
    • Amaya also chews out Graham for choosing her when it come to questions about love, a subject about which she knows next to nothing. Her first piece of advice (after trying hard to concentrate on "emotions") is "marry quick and without care. If they leave you, it's okay, because you never cared in the first place!"
  • Whisper using his "whispering" voice.
    • Whisper being able to leave the Hagatha's tower simply because he loves himself that much that it breaks the spell for him. Which then absolutely becomes an important point in the finale of the chapter!
  • If you try to leave Cedric to die in the intro. The rant Graham does in the end is just gold!
    King Graham: Fine! You're right! I ignored that baby owl's high pitched hoots for help. Actually, I took delight in the sound of his vest shredding in the badger's claws. In fact, I scared the bushy-tailed picnicker away so I could gnaw on the owl myself. I SPEWED AN EVIL LAUGH AS I PLUCKED THE LAST FEATHERY TENDON FROM MY TEETH. I KNEW THIS WOULD BE THE END OF THAT IRRITABLE OWL. IS THIS THE STORY YOU WANTED TO HEAR?! NO?! Are you sure?
    • And you get an achievement for doing this.
  • Going to Acorn for love advice. His attempt at helping is to give advice from a book on taking care of squirrels. Even better, he denies this even as he's reading the book right in front of you.
  • One of the Moral Quarrel game questions is: "You're a princess trapped in a tower and a prince comes to rescue you and immediately proposes, do you accept?" Vee asks if there's a third option. Neese replies that she felt the same way. They count it as a point for them.

Chapter 4:

  • Alexander wonders if he gets a reward for solving the Ice Palace labyrinth. Graham complains that kids these days want a reward for every little thing they do. Then the player receives an achievement for solving the puzzle.
  • Graham geeking out over the extremely difficult riddle room which looks like Escher made it.

Chapter 5:

  • Graham, tired of Manny's long-winded villainous speeches, tells him to get on with it, so Manny gives an abridged version summarizing his Evil Gloating.
  • During Graham's retreaux hallucinations, when you arrive at the gates of the Land of the Dead in King's Quest VI, you can make Graham play the bones like Alexander does. Doing so summons Whisper and Acorn's skeletons, and they begin dancing like in the original game. You even get an achievement for doing it.

The Epilogue

  • The cutscene where Gwendolyn finally finds the yarblesnoofs she's been tracking. As it turns out, yarblesnoofs are lizard-turkey things that look like some kind of cross between chameleons and Hei Hei the chicken from Moana. And they scream.
  • The completely unimpressed appearance of Taskia when caught in Gwen's trap.
  • The chase scene, full stop. It's hard to blame Alexander and Valanice for the way they tilt their heads as they watch.

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