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Tear Jerker / King's Quest (2015)

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  • The death of Achaka. No matter what you choose at the end, he will die, either by buying Graham time to escape with the Dragon's eye or saving his life and the Dragon retaliating on him for robbing it of a potential meal. This is actually the very first time we've actually seen Graham close to tears in any of the games. He walks away with his head hung low and his adventurer's cap thrown on the ground and the words he speaks to Manny afterwards, shows that he's just... done.
    • The dragon's eye description in Graham's inventory: "The bravest eye of them all..." *sniff*
    • This adds terrible context to the intro chapter, when Graham finds Achaka's body and salutes him before taking up his bow...
    • And in "Rubble Without a Cause," he's made a tribute to Achaka in the castle, and mentions that he always wondered if he could have done something differently; made better choices.
      "But the outcome was always the same."
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    • In Chapter 3, if you ask Vee who she most admires, Graham's respective response is Achaka, calling him a legend and doing his salute, telling her that that's a story for another day.
  • Graham's fear and guilt in "Rubble Without a Cause." The situation in which he finds himself, being responsible for the survival of the prisoners, has him flashing back to Achaka and the dragon, remembering that the last time someone's life was in his hands... he failed.
    • A minor one from the same episode: If you fail to keep Amaya in good health, the goblins who were guarding her cage are seen standing in a circle crying over the loss of the object of their affection.
    • And any time anyone gets carried out on a stretcher, it's painful to watch. Even if it's Mr. Fancycakes.
  • In the present, it becomes obvious that Graham is getting fed up with being bedridden.
    • In Chapter 3, he pleads to the Magic Mirror to give him one more adventure. But it shows nothing, implying that there is no more adventure in his future.
      • The final chapter reveals that the mirror never promised him one more adventure, it promised that his adventures would live on into legend... through his family. When he begs the mirror for one more adventure, it instead fades out to show him Gwendolyn entering the room, letting him relive his adventures...through her. This is possibly even more heart-rending, but for a different reason.
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  • After one comment too many, Graham starts yelling at Gart. While Gart was asking for it, Graham is way too harsh, and Gart is visibly hurt and saddened. Thankfully, Graham realizes it and apologizes.
  • Hagatha's backstory in Chapter 3.
  • Crosses into Awesome as well, but in the climax to Chapter 3, the princess you don't pick decides to make a heroic sacrifice to save Valanice after she sees that Graham and Valanice's love means her friend can escape the tower.
  • A meta-example in Chapter 3. Hagatha is revealed to be much more sympathetic than her portrayal in the original games. As Word of God claims the original games are "fairy tales" in this universe inspired by the actual events you see in the reimagining, it can be assumed that despite her redemption, history still remembers Hagatha as an evil witch with no redeeming qualities.
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  • Talking with Amaya when asking for love advice is rather sad, as it's implied that she's been burned in the past, that she married young and the guy left her. Despite her saying it doesn't bother her and she doesn't care, she seems to be reluctant to give Graham advice and is trying to hold back on her emotions, saying that Whisper is "just a friend" to her.
  • The very start of Chapter 4 tells the story of the night that Mannanan kidnapped Alexander. On his way in, the goblin-turned-wizard uses his magic to kill almost all the guards in his way. Almost all of them. Kyle is left alive, and made to watch his constant partner Larry die on top of him. And after that, Mannanan moves to the throne room, paralyzes Graham and Valanice, and makes them watch as he steals their son with a snap of his fingers, after telling them in no uncertain terms that he is going to make Alexander his slave. After he vanishes into the night, Graham immediately runs out to search for him. He finds nothing, but doesn't stop searching, not for 18 years.
    • Leading on from that, for those same 18 years he still had his daughter with him... but he makes a comment to Gwen, late in the chapter, which implies that he knows he didn't give Rosella the attention she deserved because of his obsession with finding his son. As much as she clearly loves her parents, Rosella spent those 18 years living in her absent brother's shadow. And then in the present day, her father continues to favor Alexander's daughter over her son, to the point of leaving his crown to Gwen instead of Gart. One has to wonder how much Rosella has been hurt over the years by her father's actions.
    • When Alexander finally returns, the family goes for a vacation. It sounds like a lovely little romp, and starts off fairly decently, but quickly begins to show just how different Alexander is from what his father thought he'd be, and how hard they're both taking the heavy expectations. Alexander snapping his fingers as a nervous tic and briefly sending Graham into what's basically a PTSD episode, followed by him unconsciously doing so and Graham literally begging him to stop because it 'takes [him] to a dark place', is painful.
  • If you visit Acorn's shop before leaving on the family road trip, you learn that the Hobblepots have passed away. It is to be expected, considering the long time that has passed since Chapter 1, at which point they were already considerably old. It's still a terrible loss.
  • Whichever woman you didn't pick as Valanice suffers a terrible fate indeed. As a result of having her hand frozen from the Frost Tonic spell, she is now turned into a cold Ice Queen, feels abandoned save for the Sphynx (aka Manny in disguise) who has manipulated her into thinking that they're her only true friend, and wanting to forget her life, saying she hates hearing her old name when Valanice calls her by it. Valanice urges her to remember, tossing her a frozen memento of her past, and just when it seems like things are going to be all right, Manny pounces on her and she shatters and dies. Later, after solving one last puzzle together as a family, Valanice chases away the guards surrounding her friend. Graham tells Valanice that she's in a better place now, and then takes off his cape and respectfully places it over her body as a funeral shroud. Valanice takes one final look and thanks her for everything, before we see her spirit looking back at them as they close the door.
  • The ending of Chapter 4. Gwendolyn finds Gart crying in the courtyard alone, and comforts him with some deviled eggs. He reveals at long last what Addendum 446987 means: Originally, it was written that only male heirs could ascend to the throne, meaning naturally Gart would be the first choice. However, it has been recently revised by Graham so that now any person can become the ruler of Daventry. Gwendolyn at first apologizes to Gart, thinking he's upset because his chances have been lessened despite her knowing he deserves it more. Gart tells her that's not it and to keep reading. Gwendolyn does so... and learns that the reason why this is such a sudden change is because of Graham's imminent death. Despite what Gart said earlier ("He still has a few good years left"), the doctors say otherwise and that he could go at any time now. Gart tearfully exclaims, "I'm not ready to lose him!" and as Gwendolyn hugs him, she says "I'm not either," and begins to cry as well.
  • Chapter 5, just... almost everything. Graham's memory is fading, and this leaves much of the adventure blank. As in, whole sections of Daventry are literally white voids. Details present in the previous chapters are missing, the controls reverse for a section due to Graham's mind and body breaking down, and there are far fewer conversation opportunities because so many of the characters have died, making for a very lonely atmosphere. To make matters worse, much of the kingdom is burned down, including the tree Graham saw when it was just a sapling. Then, Graham has hallucinations both in and (possibly) out of the story, including a segment where the graphics look like old adventure games from the 1980s and early 1990s. In the latter of these, you see the dancing skeletons of Whisper and Acorn, as well as the ghosts of the townspeople with whom Graham was most affiliated. Finally, Graham dies at the end. No magic fruit, no last-minute save.
    • At one point, Gwendolyn begs Graham not to 'ruin [her] memories' as he scrambles to 'improve' his previous stories with extra details, thinking that they weren't good enough despite her protests that they were perfect the way they were. You can hear her heart breaking when she speaks to him.

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