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Graham's last name
Given his love for puns, probably inherited, and his last name starting with 'Cr-', Graham's last name better be Cracker.

Manny's name
Manny's real name is Manannan, and he will kidnap Graham's son in Chapter 3.
  • Confirmed, although it doesn't happen until Chapter 4.

Manny's origins
Manny might be a Goblin given his size. A very smart one, who wants to be King to get them better treatment. The end of Chapter two we see that a large Goblin that was getting picked on by the others, is in fact a human, and what does he find? A book of Goblin pranks, one of which is the baby swap, which he looks at sadly just as who should show up? Manny.
  • Confirmed. Though he seems more interested in proving his own worth rather than making things better for goblinkind.

Gwendolyn is the daughter of Alexander.
  • Gart mentions that Gwendolyn came from far away, and the original games that Alexander became king of the Green Isles, and her hair looks like a similar color. Also the room that she is staying at the castle has tapestry with Alexander, it is cover of King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, which could also be a hint.
    • On the other hand, her bedroom also has a tapestry that is a cover for King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella beside the balcony door. If you got the best ending for KQVI, you have a genie that could instantly transport you from the Green Isles to Daventry. Rosella, however, started courting Edgar at the end of King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride. If the two of them ended up married, it would've taken her family longer to return to Daventry than Alexander's. Not to mention that Gwendolyn is clearly younger than Gart, and Alexander was married to Cassima before Rosella formally courted Edgar.
      • Um, I thought everyone knew that this was confirmed? Word of God states that, yes, Gwendolyn IS Alex's daughter. Her name comes from Gwydion, and that Alex has recovered from that part of his life by this point. Just because you get married before someone else does, doesn't mean automatically you MUST or can have kids immediately. Look at Callaphim and Allaria - they were rather old by the time Cassima came around.
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  • Chapter 4 confirms that Gwendolyn is Alexander's daughter and Gart is Rosella's son.

Goblins wrecked the Merchant of Miracles' wheel.
Evidence for this is: The Merchant says to Graham, "I swear that rock jumped straight out of the water!" and one of his idle mutterings to himself is "Ooh, I'm a rock, no I'm not! Hey, enjoy your broken wheel!" which one could interpret as simple swindling lies and bluffs to get the blame pinned on someone other than himself for being a poor driver, but perhaps he really IS serious?! After all, the Goblins we see later on in the canyon do disguise themselves as rocks and can jump really high to ambush people.

Bramble was originally going to turn down Wente if you ruined the picnic.
Looking at the end picture, Wente is holding up the ring, which makes it look like this is the result of your decisions.

One of the princesses will become Queen Icebella.
When the frost tonic spell was taking over the tower, one of the princesses will have her hand be trapped by an icicle. The princess whom Graham chooses will rescue the other princess. In the end, the princess who was trapped will have her hand encased in ice. The spell could eventually spread over to her heart, turning it to harden and frozen, eventually turning the princess into an ice queen. This is even more apparent for Princess Neese since she has spared a wedzel wolf from being killed by Graham in their date. The wedzel wolf could eventually become one of her loyal subjects.
  • Confirmed, the unchosen princess does indeed become Queen Icebella.

The dragon in the well is the same dragon that demanded Rosella's sacrifice.
Since it's implying that Manny is Manannan, Manny learns from the book How to Tame Your Dragon and from magic spells to fully control the dragon to demand sacrifices in order to manipulate Daventry into giving him the crown years down the road.

Gart might become an antagonist later on.
When Gart cheats on the Duel of Wits game when Gwendolyn is gone, it foreshadows he is less than trustworthy and possibly he contributes to his own downfall.
  • Jossed. Gart's a good kid and he loves his cousin.

There were originally three princesses planned.
  • Since the game has offered three choices which you could take that could affect the outcome, it could be that chapter 3 was also like this but the choices were reduced down to two due to lack of resources, time, budget, etc. Vee represents wisdom, Neece compassion, and Hagatha might have been the brave choice or even there was another princess not existent in the current chapter.

Hagatha's story in Chapter 3 was to resolve why she appeared at King Graham's wedding in the original series.
For some reason, despite being a major antagonist in the game, Hagatha saw fit to be at King Graham's wedding. Chapter 3 would resolve that.

Hagatha is not her birth name.
I can't imagine parents naming a newborn baby "Hagatha", especially Hagatha's parents who seemed to dislike abnormality and probably didn't have any idea that their baby is going to be a hag. They seem pretty serious so naming a baby with a "joke" name also isn't something in character for them. "Hagatha" was a name she gave her herself after turning into a hag with a tail due to the potions. Her birth might have been Agatha or Rapunzel, considering her former long blonde hair and backstory of being locked in a tower.

Gwendolyn is Graham's final adventure
Everyone was heartbroken to see Old Graham pleading with the Magic Mirror to show just one more adventure in his future only for it to show nothing... but that isn't what happened! Unlike normal mirrors, the Magic Mirror can show nothing (swirling mists), and did not do that in response to Graham's question: it showed Gwendolyn entering his room. As it happens, this is just what happened in-front of it so one might argue it was just acting like a regular mirror - but why do that? It's just as possible that the Mirror was trying to tell Graham that Gwendolyn is his final adventure, either literally (his final adventure would be experienced in his heart, not physically, by recounting his adventures to Gwendolyn) or figuratively (the adventure of coming to terms with one's own life by realizing that one has left their mark upon their world in the form of a loving family).
  • Alternatively, it's possible that the Mirror is being even more literal than that, and is actually saying that Gwendolyn will be vital in Graham's final adventure... After all, there are hints that not all is fine in Old Graham's Daventry, and Gwendolyn is shaping up to be a Brave/Wise/Compassionate Tomboy Princess... Is it that hard to imagine that the last stages of episode 5 will take place in the present, and have the player taking control of Gwendolyn on her own first, true adventure as she applies her grandfather's lessons in order to face whatever challenge threatens her family?
    • It's the epilogue that takes Gwen on her first true adventure, but without a stated danger to the family, so you were really pretty close on the whole.

Manny sent Achaka to the well hoping he would die there.
It hit me playing through the game and using the dyed pumpkin blue flame lantern instead of going after the dragon. When the guard asks if anyone has come across Achaka, Manny instantly tries to say that he left to go back to his family. Given how they were talking during the Test of Chivalry, and Manny's intent on turning knighthood into kinghood, and Achaka being a favorite to win, I think he was trying to get rid of an opponent he couldn't easily manipulate.
  • This is more or less confirmed, although not outright stated.

is going to inherit the throne.Graham knows this and wants to prevent it. Twice we hear about Addendum 446987 - once when Graham is looking over books upset and once when Gart says it won't matter about Graham not playing favorites. Graham knows Gwendolyn would be a better ruler than Gart and wants to find a way to make sure Gwendolyn can become Queen.
  • Which is exactly what Graham does. But it's not really made clear why he thinks she would be the better choice.

Graham has created a Succession Crisis.
Not for Daventry - for the Green Isles. By making Gwen the new Queen of Daventry following his death, he's screwed things up politically in her home country. Since it's heavily implied that she's Alexander and Cassima's only child, she's naturally next in line to inherit her mother's throne. Either she's going to merge the two countries (which seems implausible) or they need to find someone else to take her place as heir.

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