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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Right off the bat, Pecker gives this gem as they're being sent to the wasteland.
    Pecker: I am outraged beyond words!... Although I do have something to say...
  • Early on, Jak is approached by Seem. Eventually, after a few lampshades on the player probably exploring the city, this exchange happens:
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  • Any scene involving Daxter and Tess. Not just the pair being nauseatingly sweet with each other, but also Jak's reactions at their antics.
    Jak: Oh, please! Could you two take it outside?
    Daxter: You need a hug, Jak? 'Cos we've got plenty to go around.
  • Daxter after he blows up the barrier from riding the missile. We see him get up from a huge explosion, he casually dusts himself off and goes to walk away — BAM! Hit by a falling piece of rubble.
    • And just before that, the cutscene leading up to this segment had Dax coolly walking up to said missile, only for it to launch the instant he sits on it, leaving Jak stunned.
      • And funnier with the commentary track, since they are keyed to the length of the cutscenes, and this scene is only about 5 seconds long.
    Dev member: There's a really funny story behind this, but I don't have time to tell it!
  • Torn using the Naughty Ottsel figure as a final decoy to get a tracking missile off J&D's backs. Daxter's mortified gasp at seeing his mascot get his head blown off tops it off.
    Daxter: (gasp) My beautiful mug!
  • The Reveal near the end: As it turns out, the Precursors, a god-like race responsible for the creation of the world are ottsels. The reaction shot, which includes Veger dropping his cane and Jak's "Oh my God" reaction are what really clinch it as a Funny Moment. According to the Making Of extras, the guy who animated that scene begged to do so once he learned about The Reveal.
    • There's a lot of subtle things that makes this scene hilarious. Count Veger giving Jak an Eye Take to make sure he is seeing it too. One of the Percursors is trying to move the game's camera to protect their identity. Then there's comeuppance: while the Precursors were still speaking through their Energy Being avatar, they offer to turn Jak into one of them until Veger shows up with a gun demanding that HE receive the "honor", prompting the avatar to say "Be Careful What You Wish For..." One reveal later...
      Veger: These creatures are the great Precursors? And I wanted to evolve into the...(sudden Oh, Crap! face) NO! (cue Karmic Transformation)"
      Daxter: A little drafty, isn't it?
      • As a bonus, Veger's point-of-view reaction is a shot-for-shot remake of Daxter's reaction to him becoming an ottsel in the first game, minus the Distant Reaction Shot.
      • The Precursor Leader getting trigger happy and zapping Tess into an ottsel when she expresses an off-handed desire to get a nice pair of pants like Daxter just wished for. She seems cool with it though.
  • The two commercials that show "it won't end like this".
    • Daxter tries to tell Jak that he is Jak's father. Naturally, Jak doesn't believe that.
    • Jak and Daxter may have defeated Errol, but he squishes Daxter. A hilarious Not His Sled example.

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