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  • The guards at the outpost north of Cymore won't allow anyone to travel to Kyro while criminals are on the loose. However, Jay finds a way to get them to let him pass: he threatens to leave Max with them.
  • When the party infiltrates Pecot Castle and tries to convince the king that Antignarot is really out to Take Over the World, Antignarot counters by saying "World domination? How cliche can you get?" He then proceeds to thrash the party good before getting shown up and chased away by Cindel. After he bolts, Carol responds with an Ironic Echo:
    Carol: "I'll be back? Haven't heard the last of me?" How cliche can you get?
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  • How does Frost free himself from Antignarot's trap in Pecot? He jumps right over the cell bars, reminding Antignarot that the prison doesn't have a ceiling.
  • When the party gets captured by Thinbeard, Cindel finds the pirate captain burning and flailing outside of his quarters. When Carol emerges from the room, he's only had enough time to cool himself off before she blasts him with another fireball.
  • When Jay, Gaia, and Frost reunite with Atolla in Cymore after the first Thinbeard encounter, Gaia, true to form, starts wondering how cute Atolla looked before his transformation. Frost is beside himself with exasperation.
    Frost: (thinking) My god. She's flirting with the lion.
  • The party catches up to Max in the town of Mentilla, where he has apparently scared a cat onto a pillar. One of the bar patrons notices and asks:
    NPC: Is he drunk, or just stupid?
    Jay: Just stupid.

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