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  • The "I Am Deity" episode, where Weasel and Baboon start up miniature civilizations in petri dishes. Weasel's civilization evolves at a rapid rate, while Baboon's remain frozen in pre-wheel prehistory.
    • And then Baboon attempts to introduce warfare in protest. He does so by placing a slingshot. While they do replicate it much to Baboon's delight, they then start worshiping it. Baboon tries again by throwing some dirt after them. Finally getting the hint the baboons throw the clump right back at themselves.
  • The ending of "I.R. Plant Life", where I.R. ends up marrying a thistle that's become part-baboon from receiving a nerve transplant from him, is this, Squick and a Heartwarming Moment all in one.
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  • Baboon turning Weasel into a talking fridge in the Law of Gravity episode.
  • From the first episode, Baboon sees a meteor.
    Look, it visible to naked eye!
  • "I.M Cliched". Weasel and Baboon are making cartoons directed by I.B. Red Guy, which consist of the type of tired gags and tropes associated with wacky American cartoons. When called on it, Red Guy instead has them star in his new project "The Young and the Wrestlers".
  • In "Revolutionary Weasel", Baboon's ancestor gets his rear stuck in a cannon at Fort Ticonderoga and is forced to fire it, causing him to be sent flying (causing the Redcoats to retreat in the process) and ending up in a zoo, where he is put on display as "a perfect specimen Red-butt Monkey". Later on, he ruins the Declaration of Independence, and cracks the Liberty Bell.
    • And then later, Weasel's ancestor convinces George Washington to use Baboon's butt to defeat the Redcoats, and it works.
    Old Weasel: And so they laughed so hard they couldn't fight.
    • What happened to the defeated King (and Queen) of England? He became a pizza delivery man and has to smush pizza into his face every time he is late even for one minute (since it will be on him by then). This is passed down to his descendants.
    I'll never forgive my ancestors for screwing up! NEVERRRRRR!!!!!!
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  • The Red Guy, of course.
  • The beginning of "I.M. An Artiste," where the Red Guy (hosting a show called Arting Around With Red Hiney) is painting his mother, which he depicts as a horse's ass with the words, "Red's Mom" on top.
    • Most of the episode takes place in Paris during the artistic revolution in 1909, and one of the characters is Vincent van Gogh. A Running Gag is that he's deaf in one ear due to cutting it off.
    • I.R tries to sell one of his artworks to a passing Frenchwoman, who promptly smacks him into the Seine with a baguette.
    • I.B Red Guy running a parody of the Moulin Rouge named Moulin Derriere.
  • "A Troo Storee", which involves I.R being forced to write a whole book by himself that was intended to be written by a room full of monkeys and typewriters.
    • The finished product of Baboon's story:
    "One upon a timing, in a land next to another land, blah blah blah munchkins blah blah blah. Then the baboon is finding puppy blah blah and the mushroom princess are eating the fairy king in stew. The End."
    Weasel: Don't you get it, you buffoon?! You've written a book that is so bad, that it makes people dumber instead of smarter! (pan over the various disasters occuring in the street due to people reading I.R.'s book) But it didn't, it turns out everyone was ALREADY dumb, Weasel just hadn't noticed it before.
  • This line at the end of "I Am Franken-Weasel".
    Weasel: Frankly Igor, I don't give a... dang...
  • "I.R. Pixie Fairie", a fairy tale about a tribe of pixie versions of Baboon living in a sponge (what you use to clean dishes and kitchen tops, not a Manchild who still lives with his parents, dresses grungy, and always asks for money and the keys to the family car), as told by Uncle Breezybum (The Red Guy). ESPECIALLY the ending, where Weasel and Baboon take revenge on the narrator by making him turn into a pixie fairy, becoming obese, and losing his wings.
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  • "The Hole" ends with I.R. destroying the entire planet after using a giant cork to plug up an enormous underground volcano.
  • "I.R. Bush Pilot" where Baboon and Weasel are pilots on a charter plane that takes human couples upstream like salmon to spawn in the waters of their birth, and have to avoid a plague of rabid beavers on the way.
  • "The Wrong Brothers", where I.B. Red Guy is the host of a cable show about the history of flight, and reveals the true innovators of the airplane, the Wrong Brothers, Weasel and Baboon. The Wright Brothers, their next door neighbors, are shown to be simplistic buffoons that make Baboon look smart, but get credit for inventing the first airplane when Orwille accidentally falls into Baboon's prototype plane during a race. Weasel had invented a jumbo jet as part of the contest but forgot to invent fuel for it.
  • "I.R Dragonslayer", with Weasel as a brave knight and Baboon as his buffoonish squire who he is forced to train as a knight since he needs help in killing a dragon. How bad is he? Weasel lets him practice on a dragonfly and the dragonfly almost KILLS him. It all works out anyway when it's revealed that the dragon menacing the countryside is actually Red Guy wearing a giant paper mache suit.
  • "Honey, I.R. Home":
    • I.R. Baboon coming home from his fast food job and finding the Red Guy, dressed as a slovenly housewife, sitting on his couch and eating meat ripple ice cream. When he asks her who she is, she throws a fit about how she's his neglected wife and I.R. falls for it — until he remembers that he's not married.
  • I.R. Baboon learning how to drive. At one point, he attempts to drive a car with his tail much to Weasel's annoyance and horror.
    Weasel: Mr. Baboon, this is not California.
    • The ending must be mentioned: Weasel, who is in the hospital and has had to put up with an awful-driving, badly-rhyming I.R., tells Baboon that he cannot get his driver's license. The twist? Baboon wasn't trying to get a driver's license, but poetic license. Weasel promptly grants I.R. his poetic license and begs him to leave him alone.
  • "My Friend, the Smart Banana"
    • The titular smart banana having a Scottish accent.
    • The ending gives some good Mood Whiplash where Weasel and Baboon go from mourning the banana's death to happily enjoying some banana creme pie made from the banana.
    Weasel: This was the best friend that I ever had.
    Baboon: For dessert! (he and Weasel laugh)
  • The ending of "I.R.'s First Bike", where it turns out that I.R. wasn't supposed to get a bike for Christmas in the first place. Santa deliberately swapped I.R.'s present (a banana) with that of a kid who wanted a bike for Christmas, just for a cheap laugh.
    Rudolph: Frankly, I think Santa's lost his mind.


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