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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Gordon finding a large spoon in the Juniper Inn.
    Gordon: What is this? Were you born with this in your mouth?
    Robert Dean II: Don't I wish. That was a gift.
    Gordon: From a giant?
  • In the Keating Hotel episode, Gordon comments with one of the guests about the color of the lobby. She jokes that it looks like a brothel. When Gordon questions her about it, she replies "I've been told about them", and Gordon replies "Well, I can confirm that".
  • In Brick Hotel, Gordon sees a miniature dining set on a space in the wall. He takes it out and sits in one of the chairs, and asks the housekeeping lady to sit on the other chair.
    • Also from the Brick Hotel, the housekeeper becoming flabbergasted after seeing how terrible the rooms are, especially the white curtains.
    Housekeeper: I thought the curtains were GOLD.
  • In Meson de Mesilla, the owner takes to the stage and sings several of Cher's songs while Gordon and the other guests try to enjoy their lunches. The customers are all flabbergasted at her impromptu and mediocre performance. At one point, Gordon asks another guest what she thinks is worse: the food or the music. The guest replies that they complement each other very well.
  • In Hotel Chester, Gordon Ramsay takes over an hour to receive his lunch, so he goes to take a nap. Right after it arrives, Lindsey finds the table empty and says "Dammit." The way she says it is just plain hilarious.
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  • In the Applegate Lodge, Ramsay finds himself in a literal Mushroom Samba... as in, there are literal dancing mushrooms in a room filled with stoned out hippies.
    Gordon: (to a guest) Welcome to the (censored) madhouse.
  • The "Murder Mystery Dinner" in the Roosevelt Inn is full of Narm Ham and Cheese. Even before Ramsay fixed up the hotel, the owner was having fun with it. Even better, according to visitors, they run it more efficiently now, and embrace the Narm, turning it into Stylistic Suck.
  • In the Four Seasons Inn, Gordon after taking one bite out of doughy curry bread, proceeds to give said bread to the owner's dog. Soon after Gordon checks the dogs' pulse just to make sure they were still alive.

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