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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

     Original Trilogy 
  • For someone so seductive naturally, Black Magic sucks at actual seduction. Their way of seducing the PC has them using their Powers to make it seem like their apartment is on fire, then calling and asking for help (because a fire is obviously too much for them to handle). The exchange goes something like this:
    (The Player Character bursts through the window, energy shield up, ready for a search-and-rescue, and finds Black Magic lounging on their bed in lingerie)
    Black Magic: Hey there.
  • Speaking of which, this is legitimately their idea of a good pick-up line.
  • If your character is a heterosexual male, then Jenny's introduction comes with this golden line:
    Actually, you think Jenny is super hot. Sadly, she also happens to be super gay.
  • In the third game, GG and Prodigal's interactions. Take one flamboyantly gay person, throw him with a flamboyantly crazy person. Wackiness ensues.
    "You never really thought about what it would be like if GG ever met Prodigal—you can almost see the two of them living in this mansion together, like some twisted pair of Golden Girls."
  • Not too long after the above scene, Prodigal goes off to a room to de-bomb herself, and Jenny asks GG if it's a good idea letting her loose in his house.
    GG: Fret not, I put Prodigal in the guest house for a reason. It's in secure lockdown mode, so I'll know immediately if she tries anything fishy.
    Player Character: And what if she blows herself up?
    GG: Well I suppose I have been meaning to update the guest house...
  • If you choose to date Black Magic, there's one point where the two of you have a little question-and-answer session. One of the questions you can ask them is "Why do you look like [insert celebrity here]?"
  • In Herofall, you can choose to kiss Jury for a photo-shoot moment that flips the bird at his father. While that's funny, what's even funnier is Victon's reaction to the two of you actually hooking up—he's described as looking as though he'll have an aneurysm, making this the only thing in the entire series that breaks his cool.
  • Prodigal tries to prove that you can trust her by using a reporter with the power to look through memories to show you her sincerity. Her way of getting the reporter's help, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired.
    Player Character: Hey crazyface, did you ever think kidnapping and restraining Sonja/Juhi might not have been the best way to call on her?
    Prodigal: Well, I don't... old habits?
  • Later on in the same scene, you get to see how Prodigal expresses sentimentality should you decide to trust her.
    Prodigal: I'm touched. Really. Not in the "there's candy in my van" sort of way.
  • If you "killed" Prodigal in the first game, then your Grandma's reaction to seeing her again is:
    Grandma: Why do the craziest ones always seem to have nine lives?
  • Jenny's reaction to starting a relationship with Prodigal is priceless. It starts off with disbelief, moves quickly into accusing you of going insane and then finally acceptance. The world's gone crazy so why not just go with it?
  • How to make the game unintentionally funny: If you choose Sterling as your real family name, the following text will be pretty hilarious. And if you additionally pick the codename identical to your full name, the scene when Prodigal reveals your "secret" identity will be just ridiculous.

     Redemption Season 
  • Despite being dead, Prodigal makes her triumphant return as a freeware MeChip personality, which keeps her endearing brand of batshit insanity intact (if downplayed a bit).
  • When the PC first meets the other Rookies, they happen to do so with the characteristics of a dog. As one of the rookies, Transfer, is hanging around in werewolf form, the PC has to notably resist the temptation to go up and sniff hir butt...and when they catch Transfer's eyes, they can tell zhe's trying to fight the same urge as well.

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