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Tear Jerker / Heroes Rise

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

     Original Trilogy 
  • Black Magic's backstory is pretty sad and traumatic. Orphaned as a teenager and stranded on the streets with Powers they could barely control, they ended up having to join the local crime circle to survive. The head lady, Madame Vice, noticed that even young they were really attractive, and promptly forced them into prostitution. By the time they were old enough to leave, they'd already been deeply scarred, mentally and emotionally, by the experience, believing no one would ever value them for anything other than their looks.
  • Prodigal's backstory is just as rough. She was raised by her insane, evil mother, Miss Artillery, which practically guaranteed she was going to be screwed up from the start. Then, also as a teenager, she watched her mother (seemingly) be murdered by the PC's parents, and snapped, becoming solely focused on revenge. That is in no way an exaggeration—when you see her lair and living conditions, it's in complete and utter poverty, except for the walls completely covered in pictures of you. Her life has been so messed up she literally has nothing to live for except killing you to avenge her mother.
    • What she goes through in Herofall is just as rough: After finding out her mother is still alive, she discovers she's dying of terminal super-cancer as a result of her activities, but musters the will to live long enough to be reunited with her mother and approaches her self-proclaimed nemesis for help in doing so. If befriended or romanced, she reveals that she sees the Protagonist as her soulmate and starts taking steps towards redemption and rehabilitation... only for her mother to be murdered in front of her in a gruesome fashion. Prodigal is reduced to tears and flees, only returning for her Heroic Sacrifice — being killed by Victon, her own (unknowing) father, to save the one thing she has left worth fighting for.
  • Getting betrayed by your sidekick is a rough Player Punch the first time around. Especially in the case of Tarana, who clearly doesn't want to do it but has no choice because she's being blackmailed.
  • Betraying Jenny. The very simple description the narration uses for the aftermath somehow makes it all the more painful.
    "No, you don't feel anything, not really. At least not until the holo-video ends and the episode taping finishes and Jenny comes up to you, holding back the tears in her eyes.
    She takes a few moments to collect herself, then she says, "You are dead to me".
    Because you know those will probably be the last words Jenny ever speaks to you."
    • What's even worse is that this was part of a Sadistic Choice. Not betraying Jenny results in the protagonist being eliminated from the show and falling into a Heroic BSoD, having lost their dreams.
      • Though this can be mitigated, depending on what your original intentions were. Plus the fact that this self sacrifice actually comes to pay you back in full force and more up to the end. This definitely isn't as depressing when you consider that your character had but one dream: to help others, even at your own cost.

    Redemption Season 
  • Miss Boss's death. She's apologized for her behavior, opened up to you and shown you her Hidden Depths, you might be thinking there's a Relationship Upgrade in the future...and then the pair of you get attacked by The Voiceless. At the end of the fight it throws her off a nearby cliff, and if you try to jump after her to save her, it grabs you and forces you to watch as she falls to her death. It's so traumatic and upsetting the PC gets put into a Heroic BSoD that they still haven't recovered from two weeks later. It is possible to avert this, but it depends on your ability scores and making the right decision when it happens.
    • One option depends on your Societal score being above 80, then you can choose to shoot blasts of gel into the bottom of the cliff, which breaks her fall just enough to save her life. But she'll be in a coma, causing the PC to still blame themselves for not being good enough.
    • The other (known) way to avert this - utilizes your "Intangible" ability, allowing you to project your Tardigrade's power of cryptobiosis to effectively put her in stasis before impact, though she's still rendered comatose.
  • The morning the protagonist wakes up as part tardigrade, they're so hideous and disgusting that absolutely no one can stand to look at them, not even their Love Interest. Ouch.
  • Earlier in the game, the PC tries to bring JK to her doctor's appointment, only for the taxi driver they called to blatantly refuse service once he realizes they're Ani-Powered.
  • A minor and easy to miss one, but if you import a save file where the PC romanced Jury, near the end of the first game it's revealed that their relationship didn't work out and in the end, after they said some nasty stuff, they broke up and parted on pretty bad terms.

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