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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

     Original Trilogy 
  • After being yanked around and told what to do by pretty much everyone the entire game, the PC can finally stand up for themselves and Take a Third Option during Prodigal's second Sadistic Choice: instead of killing her and becoming a murderer, or letting thousands of people die, they choose to use their Infini-Powers to stop the Death Wave in its tracks, saving the day without losing their morals. Bonus points for having just learned about said Powers.
  • Jenny and your grandma holding their own against Prodigal's Pool Killers at the end of the first game. Keep in mind, these are machines that gave the Player Character and Black Magic a hard time.
  • One of the challenges in The Hero Project pits you against The Crush, who starts the fight by telekinetically flinging spinning wind turbine blades at you through the air, which you dodge and weave through like a badass. The PC even thinks that this has to be one of the most awesome sights ever filmed on the show.
  • At the end of the second game, and at several points during the third, if the PC is strong enough, then their slug-out with Rebellion becomes a Curb-Stomp Battle instead. You completely wipe the floor with the number one hero in America, and the PC's former idol to boot.
    • The rematch during the third game even has an Achievement attached to it - "How the Mighty Have Fallen" - for winning "without breaking a sweat".
  • If romanced, then during the third game Black Magic will somehow sense that the PC is in danger, literally force themselves out of their coma, and teleport halfway across the city to help out. And then they promptly own everyone there, despite, you know, just waking up from a coma.
  • Using your Infini-Powers guarantees a small one in every battle, from throwing a train car at someone to reversing gravity and sending your opponents flying into orbit to setting off a miniature nuclear explosion.
  • Punching President Victon in the face at the end of the third game is as funny as when you do it to his son, but it also lapses into this for being so satisfying to do, after everything the bastard put you through. Bonus points for punching the president in the face on national television.
  • If you make the right choices, it is possible to completly walk throught the entire final battle, with your opponents being either beaten by your friends or ,if you made the good choices/have an Ideal stat high enough, betraying Victon to help you (like Scoundrel, Rebellion or even Jury).

     Redemption Season 
  • The game starts with the PC and their partner StarSoar beating up Fistfull and Monk, two revered members of the Millenial Group, to get into the Hero Project.
  • Being able to convert a Downer Ending to a Bittersweet Ending by saving Miss Boss' life through the power of "cryptobiosis", which renders her comatose from a massive fall rather than straight-up dead, but simultaneously allows the PC to fulfill their end of the bargain with Loa, meaning she'll still give JK her final treatment. This one is quite hard to achieve, though.

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