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    Year 0 

Episode 11: "Stuck on Christmas"

Episode 15: "Fight Fire with Fire"

  • The look on Database's face as the conversation between Jayden and Lauren goes from being sweet to weird. DB is very relieved when Jayden clarifies "he and Lauren can't be together" in the context of the team only having one red Ranger.
    Database [sigh of relief]: I thought - never mind what I thought, let's just move on!

    Year 1 

Episode 22: "Going Viral"

Civilian (to Noah, who is morphed): Are you some kind of superhero?
Dr. K: Are you some kind of stupid person?

Episode 34: "Trouble by the Slice"

Episode 36: "Way Back When"

  • All of the snarking about Operation Overdrive's Rangers, villains and theme song. Highlights include:
    • "Will! The acquisitions expert played by an actual thief!"
    • After the theme song's line "Operation Overdrive is the Number 1 team!" K asks Database if this is false. "What was your first clue?"
    • The whole thing being topped off with "I've made a huge mistake."
    • Database being lead to assume that Dr. K is loading up "Forever Red" from Wild Force. Cue an Oh, Crap! reaction when K breaks it to him.
    • Mayo pulling an Attack Hello on Database at the end of the episode.

    Year 2 

Episode 57: "Earth Fights Back"

  • Dr. K's reaction to hearing her team's morph call shouted by the Megaforce teens as they morph into the RPM suits.
    Dr. K [stops typing and turns around]: WHAT?!
    • She specifically states that Dillon will likely not be happy about the changes to his suit (Namely, the addition of a skirt to show that Emma is wearing it).
  • We have Database and Mayo's shocked silence as they see the Rangers decimate a large portion of the enemy fleet.
    So... is this season done?

Episode 59: "A Lion's Alliance"

  • Database getting livid at how the show doesn't pronounce "Animaria" right, let alone get the name right (The Wild Force Rangers headquarters were located in The Animarium), and how the show doesn't have an excuse for this, since both seasons have the same executive producer.

Episode 63: Silver Lining Part 2"

Episode 64: Fishing for a Friend"

  • Whenever he reviews an episode from a season of Power Rangers never seen on the show before, Database always takes the time to introduce the audience to the cast, while describing their personalities. When [[Main/Cloudcuckoolander the Morpotzners]] review an episode of Wild Force?
    Mitch Morpotzner: That's Cole. He likes red kitties.
    Mary Morpotzner: That's Taylor. She likes yellow birdies
    Mitch Morpotzner: That's Max. He likes blue fishies.\\
Mary Morpotzner: That's Alyssa. She likes white kitties.
Mitch Morpotzner: That's Danny. He likes black cows.
Mary Morpotzner: Oh! Merrick likes shiny puppies and windy hair!
Mitch Morpotzner: And Princess Shayla is all princessey!
Mary Morpotzner: And Master Org finds the horn on his head funny.
Mitch Morpotzner: But Toxica doesn't.

    Year 3 

     Ask DB!!! 

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