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Funny / Claudio Castagnoli
aka: Antonio Cesaro

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  • Botchamania featured two clips of Claudio Castagnoli accidentally tripping on the ringside steps, which he pays back by giving the steps a European Uppercut. Maffew has given each one their own YouTube video, so you can see both clips isolated here and here.
  • That such a serious guy would wrestle as Los Ice Creams' partner Very Mysterious Ice Cream at CHIKARA's inaugural King of Trios in 2007.
  • There's something humorous about how well Antonio Cesaro is playing along with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter in the "Real Americans," despite his prior characterization as a loud, proud Swiss.
    • And how he wears a mock-Don't Tread On Me flag around his neck like a cape.
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  • During his feud with Sami Zayn on NXT, he declares himself in a backstage interview "The BOSS...of DA WORLD!", and his response to getting jumped by Zayn moments later, is to scream at the camera "ZAAAAAAAAAYYYYN!" like a supervillain.
  • 11/29/13 Smackdown. An early segment on the show featured a food eating contest, won by Titus O'Neil, whose prize as per Vickie Guerrero, is a match with Antonio Cesaro. Titus's full stomach meets Cesaro's giant swing. Surely you can figure out where this is going. note 
  • Since he legitimately speaks several languages, Cesaro often tapes interview segments for European television. In this one, he can barely stop himself from rolling his eyes as Rybaxel cut a promo in awful German.
  • On the JBL and Cole Show webseries, for a time, he would end them by making some type of Statler and Waldorf-esque comment about what he just saw. They were usually such groaners they easily landed in So Unfunny, It's Funny.
  • During a backstage interview with Tyson Kidd, Cesaro held a stack of post-it notes that had "SUCKS" written on each of them, and would stick one onto Tom Phillips whenever Tyson mentioned The New Day.
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  • On 1/30/17, Cesaro and Sheamus are teaming up with Bayley, who's the mediator between the two. Cesaro's arms are trailing with streamers, and he goes along with Bayley for her entrance while Sheamus is thinking, "What did I get myself into?"
    Corey Graves: I've never related more to Sheamus in my entire life than I do in this very moment.
  • At Summerslam 2017 a group of fans decided to throw a beach ball in the crowd during his match with Sheamus against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. A furious Cesaro storms into the crowd, yanks the beach ball and destroys it. ...but said beach ball would return the night after...
  • After getting his two front teeth mashed up into his jaw following eating the turnbuckle pole at No Mercy 2017, the WWE decided to have some fun with the incident.
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