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Let's just say many Disney Cartoons have some funny moments, but these ones stand out:

  • Mickey Mouse, of all characters, threatening Donald Duck with a gun in "Symphony Hour"!
  • Pretty much the entirety of Der Fuehrer's Face. It helps that it was intended to be a Take That! to the Nazi regime.
  • The ferocious climax of the Goofy cartoon "Hockey Homicide", which throws in rapid-fire images from past Disney cartoons (many of them sports-themed), including a brief appearance by Monstro the whale from Pinocchio!
    • The Running Gag involving Icebox Bertino and Fearless Ferguson, the star players of their respective teams that continually get into a fight (strangling one another and beating one another with their hockey sticks), getting sent to the penalty box, then getting right back into a fight once they are released.
    Sportscaster: Here come Bertino and Ferguson out of the penalty box...
    (fight commences between them; referee blows whistle and sends them back into penalty box)
    Sportscaster: ...and there go Bertino and Ferguson back into the penalty box.
  • Two instances occur in the Wartime Cartoon "The Vanishing Private":
    • The priceless expression on the general's face when he shakes his head no after Pete asks him if he has seen "a little guy [Donald] that you can't see".
    • At the very end, Pete is in a cell, wearing a straitjacket, with the now-visible Donald guarding him!
      Pete: I ain't crazy! You know I ain't crazy! Go tell the general that I ain't crazy.
      Donald: Do you think I'm crazy?
  • In "Pluto's Party", Pluto opens the gate only to be trampled on my a horde of mice children who knock the front gate down. When the leave near the end, the gate stands back up on its own.
  • Nearly all of Goofy Gymnastics.
  • In The Plowboy, we see a pig, chicken and goat running Horace and the runaway plow from as they crash into a tree and get combined into some weird hybrid creature.
  • A lot of moments in Get a Horse!, but special mention goes to the scene where a CGI Horace walks up on the stage wearing modern t-shirt (themed to Marvel, which Disney had only recently bought!) while eating popcorn.
    • Also Mickey finding a smartphone Horace took, with a guy on the other end shouting "Give me back my phone!".
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  • In Hawaiian Holiday, when Goofy finally succeeds in surfing a recalcitrant wave, after he shouts triumphantly, "Hey, look! I made it!", a voice is heard saying, "Oh yeah?", before the wave throws Goofy off again. It's possible that it was the wave itself that said this line.
  • The flypaper sequence in Playful Pluto. There's a reason it was used on Sullivan's Travels to show the power of laughter.
  • In Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip:
    • Pete's unintelligible babbling as he announces the train stops.
    • Mickey tries to sneak Pluto away from Pete disguised as a conductor. The line Mickey speaks in a deep voice was voiced by Billy Bletcher rather than Walt Disney.
      Pete: Hey! Did you see a mutt and a little runt around here?
      Mickey (normal voice): Yeah! They went- (clears throat and changes to a deep voice) They went that way.
      Pete: Thanks, conductor. (beat) Conductor?! W-why that's me!
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    • There's also this exchange between Pete and Mickey, when the former is suspicious of the latter trying to hide Pluto and tries to ferret him out. It's especially funny when you see Billy Bletcher voice recording.
      Pete: (to Mickey) So, it's you, huh?
      Mickey: (laughs nervously) Yeah, it's me, I guess.
      Pete: All alone, without your dog.
      Mickey: Yeah, all alone, heh-heh.
      Pete: You know, I used to have a little cat once. And when it was left all alone, it'd cry... MEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!
      (Pluto pops out of Mickey's suitcase, barking wildly, then sees Pete and jumps back in the suitcase)
      Pete: I t'ought so!
  • In Officer Duck, there is Pete's (that is, Tiny Tom's) version of "This Little Piggy":
    Pete: (touching one of Donald's webbed toes) This little piggy had a racket, see? (touching a second webbed toe) And this little piggy had none. (touching Donald's third webbed toe) This little piggy tried to muscle in, so Tiny went... (imitating a machine gun while poking Donald's webbed foot) bub-bub-bub-bub-bub-bub!
  • Most of Mickey's Circus, starting with the seal pup who keeps stealing Donald's fish, and ending with Mickey and Donald stranded on the highwire as the orphans run amok.
  • In Aquamania, Junior has him and Goofy enter a boat race. Goofy tries to tell his son to slow down as he holds onto the towline for his dear life.
    Goofy: STOP!!
    Junior: FASTER?! OKAY, DAD!
  • Ye Olden Days: When Minnie Mouse and Clarabelle Cow are locked in the top of the tower due to the former's refusal to marry Prince Goofy, they're both distraught. Minnie's crying is sad enough, but then Clarabelle starts bawling like an Italian man.
  • Tugboat Mickey: Donald is having trouble connecting one of the pistons of the engine, which turns out to be sentient.
    Donald: So!
    Piston: (hissing) So what?
    Donald: You wanna get rough, huh? I'll show ya! (struggles to pull the piston out)
    Piston: (hissing) Says you. (goes back in place)
    (Donald begins throwing one of his classic temper tantrums and the piston mimics him)

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