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Funny / Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

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Bad hair day for Drizella.
  • After Prince Charming learns that a girl who fits the slipper has entered the castle, he heads towards the foyer with a beaming smile, which quickly fades to disappointment when he encounters Anastasia instead of Cinderella. Better yet, the music fades out, too, bordering on a period-appropriate Record Needle Scratch.
  • "Am I in the right room?"
  • Cinderella joins the line of servants carrying supplies into the castle to infiltrate it. When she reaches the front of the line, the man handing out supplies eyes her disapprovingly before Cinderella smiles at him. When she leaves, the next man in line forces an overdramatic smile onto his face as well.
  • The Prince's Moment of Awesome:
    Prince: Look, Dad, I-
    King: This is ridiculous! (tries to stop him getting past all the while) Now, you agreed to marry the girl with the glass slipper! I was completely with you on that one!
    Prince: And I will! Just as soon as I find her.
    King: I-ch-wha... (devolves into angry gibberish) I FORBID YOU TO TAKE ANOTHER STEP DOWN THESE STAIRS!
    (beat, as Charming slyly looks to one side with a goofy grin)
    Prince: Okay. (dives out the window)
    • The cartoony sound effect completely sells it. As does how, during the whole scene, the King is wearing his gorgeous pink boxer shorts and sandals with his royal regalia up top.
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    • Even better, a few minutes later, the Prince begs his father to just trust him. The King replies that he does trust him... it's the talking mice thing he's worried about!
  • The mice trying to tell the prince about Cinderella.
    Prince: Hold on, hold on. I think I understand! ...actually, I got nothing.
  • Heck, this was actually pretty funny overall, lampshading some of the absurdities of the original film (like the prince's choice in women because of their "choice in transparent footwear").
  • Drizella using the wand to change her clothing and accessories. Lady Tremaine is not amused and changes them back but leaves her hair extremely messy: as shown above.
    Lady Tremaine: Drizella, stop that this instant! This wand is not a toy.
  • When Anastasia shows Lady Tremaine and Drizella the wand and exclaims that their troubles are over, Tremaine dryly comments "a stick" before Drizella suggests they beat Anastasia with it.
    • Just before then, Drizella is trying to split a log in half — it's not going so well, and Anastasia trips over Drizella, who's busy trying to get the axe from the log — the handle and axe blade end up separating.
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    • And when Fairy Godmother and Anastasia start fighting over it, a spell is accidentally fired, and hits Lucifer— a Beat, and he walks out from behind Lady Tremaine, now with his head on the body of a duck. He takes a look at himself, and gives off a mix of a yowl and a quack.
  • The scene where Lady Tremaine causes the glass slipper to fit on Anastasia.
    Footman: It fits!
    Grand Duke: It fits?!
    Anastasia: IT FITS!
    • Anastasia's foot is actually even more ridiculously oversized than in the original film, with the slipper only fitting over her big toe.
  • The Prince initial reaction upon meeting Jaq and Gus, once he gets over, well, meeting them.
    Prince: Okayyy. First birds, now mice.
    • This little gem, directly before Jaq and Gus' song of explanation:
      Prince: All right, it's official. I've lost my mind. First I was hijacked by birds, now I'm talking to imaginary mice.
  • "Will you marry me, Cinderelly?"
  • Jaq and Gus pretending to be Lady Tremaine (complete with somehow turning his scraggly fur tuft into a copy of her pompadour) and the Prince while explaining to Cinderella that Lady Tremaine brainwashed the Prince into thinking he danced with Anastasia. Seriously.
    • "One more time! At the ball, at the ball! We showed ol' Princey after all, that Cinderelly was the maiden at the Balll!"
  • Lady Tremaine and Drizella's reactions in The Stinger when they turn back from their frog transformations to find themselves in a house, wearing Cinderella-style clothes and holding brooms.
  • Lady Tremaine picks up the knack of intuitive magic very quickly—but her only knowledge of how the wand works comes from what Anastasia happened to see, which means that for the vast majority of the movie, while she works earth-shattering levels of dark magic with a level of spite and cruelty that would make Maleficent blush... she still has to trigger all her spells by saying "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo".
  • Lucifer getting his tail lit on fire (he was sleeping a little too close to the fireplace while Jaq and Gus snuck past him, unintentionally placing the tip of his tail in the coals).
    Drizella: Oh! Somebody put out the cat!
    Anastasia: Lucifer! Hold still! Stop! (she repeatedly smacks Lucifer with a pillow, then swats him with it, sending Lucifer flying face-first into the wall. He slowly slides down and smashes a vase on the cabinet, the water inside finally extinguishing his tail)
  • After performing an impressive stunt to get aboard the ship carrying Cinderellanote , the Prince actually pauses for a moment and looks around him, as if thinking: "Wait. Did I really manage to do that?"
  • "But the talking mice say she's the wrong girl!" It Makes Sense in Context for us right away, but just imagine how that must have sounded to the King.

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