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Junior from "Bellboy Donald" is Minnie Mouse and Pete's son.
He has black fur like Pete and Minnie Mouse. He has ears like Pete, but with Minnie's ear size. He has a flesh-colored facial "mask," body proportions, and eyes like Minnie (save for the eyelashes) but is completely tailless like Pete. His feet are bigger than Pete's feet but smaller than Minnie's huge feet. He has a muzzle like that of Minnie, but shorter, smaller, and with a lip shape like that of a cat.

The real reason why Mickey and Minnie aren't married... because Mickey has the hots for all the Princesses.

How did that happen? After visiting Disney World, seeing the Princess floats in the Main Street Parade all pass in order, seeing Mickey's float and hearing this quote (he says it with a flirty tone, too - also, paraphrasing): "Didja see all those princesses?" Then adds quickly, "No one like my Minnie though!"


Why'd he date Minnie for so long? He didn't want to have his fame crash and burn over bestiality charges.

  • Mickey wants to marry a princess because of the perks of being royalty. True, he's made millions upon millions in merchandising alone; perhaps he became a money-hungry jerk over the years who wants a crown to be adorned upon his head. Also, what stopped Jessica from marrying Roger Rabbit (even if only he made her laugh) despite being different species?
    • The Princesses probably want in on the Mouse's money, too.
  • Jossed. Word of God says that they are married, but when "playing themselves" in the shorts they play themselves before they got married.

Mickey and Minnie ARE married.
They just keep up the youthful appearance of being boyfriend and girlfriend to appeal to each new generation.

What with all the various stories and places and time periods they've been in, it's possible to say that they married each other in each one, but we just never got to see it.

They were clearly married in Mickey's Christmas Carol and Kingdom Hearts.

Then after the happy ending, someone pressed the Reset Button, and poof! they're back to square one. Donald Duck and Pete are prime suspects here.

And besides, why would a mouse find a human princess attractive anyway?


Truth in Television: The previous voice actor to Mickey was married to the current voice actor of Minnie. They're the only people in the world who know what Mickey and Minnie sound like having sex.

The classic characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Clarabelle, Horace, Max, e.t.c.) are of a species capable of Regeneration.
This explains why their appearances have changed over the decades.

Gastly from Pokémon is biologically similar to the classic Disney characters.
His appearance has changed very much over the years.

Mickey Mouse is a robot
Theres a similar theory for Sonic (Dr. Eggman is a Predacon!), so why not?
There is two Oswalds a Universal one and a Disney one.
The Universal one convinced Mintz to get rid of Walt Disney along with his Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and slowly replace him with the universal one. Yen Sid, Walt's unknown alter ego, saved the Disney Oswald by creating The Wasteland

Bellboy Donald never really happened
Some time either around
PJ's conception or right before his birth, Pete had a dream where he was a successful businessman with a son to make him proud, tormenting Donald Duck all day. He liked it so much he transcribed it, Donald Duck found it and rewrote the ending so that Pete Jr. would be punished. Pete still kept "Junior" in his mind as his ideal son, and was grandly disappointed when his child turned out to be a big softie and pushover.

PJ's (lack of) immigration explanations
Theory 1: He didn't immigrate with Max because he never came home during or after college. Really, is it that shocking that he would not want to return to Pete? Plus, if he did he would probably have to choose between fighting on the wrong side and fighting directly against his father, which was hard enough for him to do in the context of Goof Troop where Pete was mostly a mundane threat.

Theory 2: He didn't immigrate with Max because he would be too imperiled by Pete's more villainous incarnations. Goof Troop portrayed one of the most sympathetic Pete incarnations ever and he was still a terrible Abusive Parent. True villain Pete may well have been willing to cross the line too far for Disney to consider appropriate. It's better than thinking he did immigrate with Max but that true villain Pete has no qualms permanently imprisoning or killing his son.

Theory 3: He didn't immigrate with Max because of the Woobie equivalent of Shipping Bed Death—we saw him get a happy ending. Now he's much better off, ergo, not interesting anymore. The alternative, cancelling the happy ending, would be just as bad—causing rage among his fans for needlessly yanking his chain.

Theory 4: He didn't immigrate with Max because his personality would vary wildly depending on what Pete incarnation he was placed with to the point it would be hard to tell he was even the same character.

Minnie Mouse's cat Figaro and Geppetto's cat Figaro are two different kittens
Pinocchio's Figaro may not have been a Canon Immigrant into cartoons with Minnie Mouse. Minnie's cat Figaro seems to be more of a tomboy and may even be female. Geppetto's cat Figaro, who also shows up in "Figaro and Cleo" seemed to be more like a little boy.

Max's mother died in a car accident.
The early shorts show Goofy as father to a young "Goofy Jr.," and married to a wife who stereotypically couldn't drive very well. Goofy just thought it was funny, but now he's left a single father with survivor's guilt for letting her take the car out.

The reason we didn't see Panchito and Jose for so long ...
... is because they were serving time in prison for handing out pistols and cigars to young children. This began when Simba and Nala attempted to practice pouncing with Jose, and the bird, as usual, stopped his predators by sticking a cigar in their mouths. Panchito Pistoles then suggested to the cubs that hunting would go much easier if they carried pistols like him. (un)Fortunately Judy Hopps was nearby, and arrested the two for the incident. After a few decades they were finally released for good behavior, but Panchito lost his carry-conceal license, and Jose is much more discreet about his smoking.