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Drinking Game / Classic Disney Shorts

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Drinking games for the Classic Disney Shorts cartoons and characters.

  • Take a shot every time there's a butt joke.
    • Take two if its happening to Pluto.
  • Take a shot whenever a character is briefly casually nonchalant with another character that's terrorizing them, only to do a hilarious delayed reaction doube-take. Have your will ready, because this happens almost all the time.

     Mickey Mouse 
  • Take a shot every time Mickey does something that goes against his kid friendly image (i.e. womanizing Minnie in "Plane Crazy", torturing animals for laughs in "Steamboat Willie", threatening Donald Duck with a gun in "Symphony Hour")
  • For the B&W shorts, take a shot every time Mickey Mouse plays a piano.
    • Take two shots if the piano conveniently shows up out of nowhere or in the most unlikely place, all just for him to play it (i.e. "The Castaway").
    • Take a sip if he plays any instrument besides a piano.

     Donald Duck 
  • Take a sip if you can't understand or misinterpret something Donald is saying.
  • Take a shot every time Donald raises his fist and stomps in anger.
  • Take a shot every time an animal comes along to make his life miserable.
    • Two shots if the animals in question are Chip N Dale.

  • Take a shot any time he goes "A-huk".
  • Take a shot every time he bellows his famous holler.
  • Take a shot every time he sings "Oh, the world owes me a living."

     Silly Symphonies 
  • Take a shot every time an evil monster comes along to harm or kidnap an innocent girl or the protagonists girlfriend, with a cavalry of other animals/bugs quickly arriving to save the day.
  • Take a shot every time a babies bare bottom is shown for a cheap laugh. Be cautious when watching Water Babies, though—you'll die of alcohol poisoning midway through, if the artery clogging sap doesn't already do the job.

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