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"Hey, you're stirring up the water, dude."

  • For being so wise, Shaman-Woman Tanana can be very funny. Something of a Crazy Awesome.
    Tanana: When each of us comes of age, the Great Spirits reveal to us a totem that helps guide us through our lives. Some of us use courage to guide us, others patience. And some of us, beauty...
    • Even better is her reaction to Kenai at getting the totem of love:
      Kenai: Who wants to trade?
      Tanana: (grabs his face) THERE IS NO TRADING! (hits him on the head)
  • Most, if not all of the Alternate DVD Commentary. It helps that Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis of SCTV fame do it. Some highlights include:
    • When they see the Wall of Hand Marks.
      "That looks like our Bath Room, Eh!?"
    • A bewildered Rutt trying to explain exactly what was going on during the transformation sequence while Tukie was in the bathroom.
      'Something's transforming here! I'm not sure if it's me, the TV or the movie!
    • And the scene where the dead bear gets "absorbed" into the northern lights.
      "Um, remember the big bear? The key word being remember".
    • The pizza guy joining in on the commentary...
      • ...and then promptly being kicked out.
      • If you time it, it actually took the guy twenty-one minutes to deliver the pizza.
    • This running gag:
      "Hey look! There's Sitka!" "Not every eagle in this movie is Sitka!"
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    • The two claiming that chipmunks foreshadow danger, and that movies like Marathon Man and Top Gun have chipmunks in them.
    • Rutt acting like a big time actor, despite playing the Plucky Comic Relief. He even claims to be in the director's cut of Blade Runner.
    • Tuke taking the role of a Soapbox Sadie about the environment, constantly saying how Humans Are Bastards.
    • Rutt's explanation of how animation works.
    • Both pointing out all of Kenai's stunt doubles.
    • Rutt thinks Denahi is Antonio Banderas.
    • Both complaining about the scene where a bear pretends to be a moose during "Welcome".
    • Both commenting on Tanana's sketch of the mountain "where the lights touch McDonald's" (since the mountains look like the Golden Arches)
  • The bloopers. Especially at 1:14
    • Especially after that, where he makes the jump...and doesn't quite make it.
  • The rams and their echoes.
    Ram No. 1: Hey, shut up!
    Echo: Hey, shut up!
    Ram No. 1: No, you shut up!
    Echo: No, you shut up!
    Ram No. 2: No, you shut up!
    Echo: No, you shut up!
    Ram No. 1: Hey, will you shut up?!
    Echo: Hey, will you shut up?!
    Ram No. 2: No.
    Ram No. 1: JUST SHUT UP!
  • During the salmon run:
    Maple: (tearfully) This year, I lost my dear husband Edgar.
    Edgar: (offscreen) Quit telling everyone I'm dead!
    Maple: (sobbing) Sometimes, I can still hear his voice!
  • Koda telling Kenai, after whacking him with a stick a few times, that the only way for him to get out of a trap is to chew his own foot off. The look on his face and tone of his voice implies he'd like to see this happen.
    • And while Koda keeps hitting him with the stick, Kenai keeps trying to tell him to stop. Finally, when he screams "STOP IT!", he gets whacked just one more time.
  • Wanda Syke's cameo in the sequel.
  • In the vignettes, Kenai and Koda are making funny faces in the iceberg seen earlier in the movie. Then...a completely normal bear (who somehow looks like Kenai) shows up and starts laughing at the funny faces. When they switch to the normal bears, the newcomer has a funny mixed-up face and is still laughing. Kenai and Koda's expressions were priceless.
  • During the "Story Circle" scene, Tug mentions that he knocked down a tree that was obstructing his cave's view. Unfortunately, he ends up having a family of chipmunks for houseguests as a result. The icing on top is said chipmunks giving Tug Death Glares, with one even tapping his foot in annoyance.
  • Kenai helping the moose brothers impress their crushes in the sequel. They immediately give up when he roars in their faces (which was an act to "rescue" them from the "big hungry bear"), and the moosettes merely shove Kenai into a beaver dam.
  • Rutt and Tuke playing "I Spy", with the exact same answer: Tree.
  • Kenai's response to seeing the bears at the Salmon Run: scream really loudly.
    • "Hey, you're stirring up the water, dude."
  • When Kenai is turned back into a human and Sitka and Denahi are reunited, Denahi's reaction is understandably shock. Sitka just calmly grabs the items he needs and then closes Denahi's jaw.
  • Kenai's coming of age ceremony. The one at the end of the movie. Seeing Koda sitting in the middle of the village children is funny.
  • After Kenai got his totem "The Bear of Love"
    Denahi: There he is! Ha ha! Come here, lover boy! (noogies Kenai, he pulls away)
    Kenai: Leave me alone.
    Denahi: Aw, Kenai, wait... I'm sorry.
    Kenai: What?
    Denahi: Your totem... I think it's really great.
    Kenai: You do?
    Denahi: Yeah. And I made you something...
    Kenai: Really?
    Denahi: (throws a band of flowers on his head) Now when you skip around loving everybody... you'll smell so sweet!
    Sitka: Well, well, well. Isn't this nice? Instead of fighting, you're giving each other flowers.
    Denahi: Yeah, isn't it lovely? He's so in touch with his totem already! (Kenai grumbles)
    Sitka: Hey, dog breath, go take care of the fish!
    Denahi: Sure. (starts prancing around throwing flowers) Kenai loves me, he loves me not. Kenai loves me, he loves me not. Kenai loves me, he loves me not...
    • Then Sitka's advice to Kenai:
      Sitka: Hey, bonehead, just because his totem is wisdom doesn't mean he's wise. I mean, look at him!
      Denahi: Kenai loves me, he loves me not. Kenai lo— (accidentally steps on a dog's tail; the dog yelps and barks loudly at him) Hey! Whoa!
      Girls: Hi, Denahi!
      Denahi: Oh! Hi! (backs into the dog, and gets bitten in the butt) YOW!
      Kenai and Sitka: Oooh!
      Denahi: (offscreen) LET GO! GET OFF! OW!
      Kenai: I guess the spirits messed up on both of our totems.
      Sitka: Y'know, I felt the same way when Tanana gave me mine.
      Kenai: Get outta here!
      Sitka: No, seriously. I said, "The Eagle of Guidance?" What does that mean?"... But now that I'm older, I know it's about being a leader... and keeping an eye on you two.
      • The Commentary remarks how the camera just cuts away to avoid presenting Denahi's bleeding butt, and noting Kenai and Sitka's reaction.
  • When Rutt and Tuke panic, thinking Kenai's gonna eat them and start volleying insults towards each other
    Tuke: Please, don't eat us!
    Rutt: You wouldn't like us, eh! We're really gamey!
    Tuke: Yeah! Eat hoof-for-brains over there.
    Rutt: Oh, nice, eh?! Pine cone breath!
    Tuke: Crusty-tail!
    Rutt: Twig-legs!
    Tuke: Big-Nose! (Rutt gasps) Sorry...
    Rutt: You went to far that time, eh.
    Tuke: Sorry.
    Rutt: Besides, your nose is bigger than mine.


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