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  • The Transformation scene in the first movie: Kenai, who had violated his people's most sacred principles by needlessly killing a bear in hateful revenge, suddenly faces the Spirits' reaction. In a spectacular light display, they show him the brotherhood of all animals he insulted before they change him into what he most hates even as they sing in Inupiaq: "Everything will become clear to you when you see things through another's eyes."
  • Near the end of the movie where Denahi, who has believed that Kenai was killed by the bear but he is the bear, confronts Kenai, but after Koda learns to accept that Kenai has made a mistake by killing his mother when he hears Rutt and Tuke explaining to each other about caring for each other despite their flaws, the little bear cub saves Kenai from Denahi.
  • In the second movie, after Nita finally burns the amulet to move on, it's clear that she can't move on from Kenai, so Koda decides to get her back to Kenai by entering her village despite Rutt and Tuke's protests, but the villagers, led by Nita's fiance Atka, attack the bears. And just when you thought that all hope is lost, Rutt and Tuke come in a Big Damn Heroes moment to stave Atka off!
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  • Kenai holding off Atka by himself is worth some mention.
  • Awesome Music: "Transformation". Sung in Inupiaq, the translated lyrics are a perfect match to what was going on, and not just that, but Phil Collins also worked on the music!
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Kenai's transformation sequence. The accompanying music helps a lot.

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