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  • Buck's Heel–Face Turn: After learning that Rico's not a lawful bounty hunter, but rather, a mercenary who's been working for Alameda Slim the entire time, he sees the cows being forced into a train, Buck turns on his treacherous rider and promptly heads to the cows' rescue and punches Mr. Wesley in the face with his hoof!
    (Buck continues to wildly flail Rico)
    Rico: Skittish, whoa!
    Maggie: Buck, have you gone crazy?!
    Buck: Well, that's entirely possible! Or maybe I've just figured out who the real heroes are!
    Grace: Wait. What if this is some kinda trick?
    (Buck finally tosses Rico off his back)
    Mrs. Calloway: Oh, this isn't a trick! It's a miracle! Come on!
    • Maggie using Calloway's Berserk Button (removing her hat) and Calloway charges and bursts the boxcar door into splinters.
    • Calloway managing to bodyslam Rico complete with a Tarzan yell.
  • After beating the crud out of the Willies, Wesley and Rico, it seems all is lost since Slim has escaped and is probably at Patch of Heaven by now. Calloway delivers a awe-inspiring speech to drive the train to the farm.
    Maggie: Fat lotta good it done us. Alameda Slim has already flown the coop.
    Grace: She's right. Unless we sprout wings, we'll never make it back in time.
    Calloway: I cannot believe what I'm hearing! This train goes right by Patch of Heaven!
    Maggie: What is in the cud you been chewin'? How are we supposed to drive that thing?!
    Calloway: How? How? I'll tell you how! The same way we walked off the farm into the unknown. The same way we fought off those burly barmaids. And the same way we braved the western wilderness without the benefit of food or water. We caught Slim once, and we shall do it again! WHO'S WITH ME?!
  • All the farm animals battling Slim.
    • As the cows charge at him, Slim pulls out a pistol and points it at them, stopping them in their tracks. Jeb, the grumpy ornery old goat is the first to call attack.
    Jeb: Piggies, it's time to open up a can of WHOOP-HIDE!
    (Jeb and the Piggies launch a tin can at Slim’s hand, knocking his pistol away)
    Slim: Ow! Who the?
    (Jeb and the Piggies continue launching several more cans at the fiend.)
    • Then the chicks climb up Slim's clothes and one crows loudly in his ear.
    • Then Slim gets pecked by the chickens.
    Audrey: You wanna get nuts?! LET'S GET NUTS!
  • Grace kicks a cowbell into Slim's mouth to save her friends from his hypnotic song.
  • The cows and the law may not agree, but Slim rustling 5000 cattle in less than three minutes—without even distressing them—is actually quite impressive when you get down to it.
    • One YouTube comment sums it up perfectly:
    "Slim is capable of physically overpowering fully-grown adult bulls, but doesn't bother doing so because he's such a talented musical performer that he can hypnotize cattle into doing his bidding. In addition to his performance gifts, he exhibits amazing animal-training and riding abilities (normally, bison are not willing mounts, and even horses are hard to hold on to when they're running), Improbable Aiming Skills (with his spurs at the end), Hyper-Awareness (he notices Maggie is attacking him without looking at her), impeccable timing and reflexes (repeatedly dodging Maggie's attacks), unflappable calm in the face of danger, and a highly advanced understanding of logistics (he herds 5,000 cattle through that narrow gap in the rocks in what seems to be just a few minutes). His nephew-henchmen don't do jack in that heist besides subdue the ranchers. And despite being on Slim's payroll, Rico doesn't bother doing anything to help here either. While Cruella de Vil and Captain Hook need followers in order to carry out their plans, Slim pulls off evil schemes by making effective use of the talents he has and nothing else."

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