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Nightmare Fuel / Brother Bear

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Remember Kids, Don't Mess With Bears!
The movie can be as touching as it can be horrifying. Especially with all the BEARS!
  • The whole premise of the movie is pretty terrifying if you're a hunter. An animal kills your loved one and you kill it in revenge, but you're turned into that animal as punishment, and then another loved one wants to kill you because they think the same animal killed you. That's basically the dilemma facing Kenai and Denahi.
  • The bear that attacks Kenai in the beginning, later revealed to be Koda's mother, is pretty horrifying, especially in how it mauls Sitka to the point he had to resort to collapsing a cliff side to stop it. Then it survives and Kenai engages in a battle to the death with it on rocky terrain.
  • Sitka's death is pretty unsettling to watch for anyone who treasures a brother, especially since they never found the body, meaning he was crushed to nothing under the rocks.
  • Kenai's transformation into a bear is as beautiful as it is a case of Surreal Horror. A torrent of magical water appears out of nowhere, and transforms into an array of lights with shadows of different animals moving and yelling about before Kenai gets hoisted into the air by a projection of an eagle and transformed into a bear. He's so dazed from the experience he falls off a cliff into raging waters and bashes his head on the rocks. He could have easily died many times over. Then he wakes up and finds out from Tanana the village shaman that Sitka's spirit turned him into a bear, the very brother who he tried to avenge.
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  • The reveal that Kenai had actually killed Koda's mother is pretty gut-wrenching especially since he's been bonding with the poor cub because he was orphaned because of Kenai's Roaring Rampage of Revenge in the first place. The poor cub had to come to terms with the knowledge his new surrogate brother figure murdered his mother.

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