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Funny / Blood on the Hands of a Healer

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Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

  • The chapter opens up Emu going to Hiiro's house and explaining the new situation at hand and Hiiro just being Hiiro towards this:
    Hiiro: Okay, just…what do cosplayers have anything to do with the particular annoyance you are posing today?
  • The karaage scene from canon is even funnier here: when Meteora asks for money from Emu, the latter just turns to Hiiro, who proceeds to grumble about "handling a bunch of kindergartens".
    • And then there's this exchange:
      Selesia: Isn't it too early for cake?
      Hiiro: First of all, I'm paying for all of this, so you don't get to judge my eating habits. Secondly, I have a constant schedule full of patients that need curing, and so requires the right amount of sugar levels for me to keep up. Thirdly, and most is NEVER too early for cake.
  • Nico's first meeting with Magane is GOLDEN:
  • After finishing off Aranbura with swords, Brave gets the idea of using two scalpels at once in the same way for surgery!

Chapter 3:

  • While explaining the current situation to Matsubara, Emu quotes Game Theory. Not a surprise from the resident King of Games himself. Hiiro finishing the quote? Utterly priceless!
    Emu: Thank you for your corporation. And with the power of human mind, we can create even the most impossible things! To the Creations, WE are their alpha and their omega. Only by the power of human imagination we can defeat the rogue Creations and Bugsters at the same time! Two birds with one stone! Whoop! But hey! That's just a theory! A-"
    Hiiro: Game theory. Yes, yes, we get it, Intern. Your game fanaticism says a lot of you.
    Emu: Aww, but I always wanna say that!
  • After an extremely tense double-battle, the chapter ends with this gem:
    Hiiro: You will call me Lord Brave, mongrel.
    Taiga: Screw you!

Chapter 4:

  • Magane nonchalantly admitting she killed her Creator which sends Nico hiding behind Meteora while begging Magane not to talk as if that's what she did in her last holiday.
  • Emu and Nico getting into a whining/yelling match involving Emu wanting Nico to join them and Nico refusing she's outta here and slamming the door and then later having bad dreams showing it got through to her.