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  • Man Without A Body's Dramatic Reading. All of it. But special mentions go to:

  • His pronunciation of Reicheru's Verbal Tic, while's lampooning how stupid it is- "Nyaaaah!"
  • Reicheru licking the wall in chapter 3.
  • '"Yes, he is the most terrible man. I always feel like he watching me, even on the toilet." they both heartidly laughed.
  • 'Her silouette looked like that of a nakid women'
  • 'Inuyasha took out his big gargantuine dick and touched it.'
    • Boyd.
      • Valumptuios.
      • 'They were in love, and they started humping'.
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    • After she has sex with Inuyasha, Denmark bursts in and shouts at Reicheru, who replies, "It's all my Dad's fault!"
  • The repeated misspelling of Angel as 'Angle' makes for some funny lines:
    • '"No." Korra stood up. "I AM an angle! I'm not crazy! That's right, everyone, now you know my secret! I am PART ANGLE!"'
    • '"Don't be modest! You have the voice of an angle!" Minna cheered. "Yeah that's right-You have a better voice than me and I'M and angle!" Yuki smiled.
      • 'The world seemed to stop and the angles began to cry.'
  • "Don't do it, you're gregnant!"
  • 'It was Princess Monokoke. (her English name is Mary Laceheart.)'
    • Followed by one annotation reading, "I'm so sorry, Mononoke fans."
  • 'Reicheru, Minna and Yuki were shitting at the lunchtable, eating their lunch.'
  • Reicheru Slut-Shaming Lucy, despite being pregnant with Inuyasha's baby, after cheating on Denmark with him.
  • "You can't beat me! I have a heart stronger than anyone's will eat eat!"
  • Lucy giving Reicheru an 'aborition' with her mind.
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  • Korra tells Reicheru her family owns a Mexican restaurant (despite Korra being part 'angle' and part demon, apparently) and Reicheru replies, "My dad hates Mexicans. He never took me to a Mexican restaurant!"
  • Korra's Mexican restaurant is called 'Les Tacos' and serves duck.
    • "It's really hard being Mexican." Korra sighed.
  • The "subplot" in which Minna-chan gets amnesia. By watching Pokémon.
  • "That's fucking disguesting!" Reicheru threw up in her fucking hands. "YOU NASTY DISK!"
    • "SUCK IT DADDY!" Reicheru screamed as her father and Lucy flew into the air.
  • Reicheru's Dad (who is apparently Goku) explaining to Lucy why he hates Reicheru:
    Goku: "I've travled into the future and I met this beautifuk woman. That's when I had Reicheru. Until one day that little bitch killed her mother! I should have thrown her out into the streets after I found out she had a cat demen."
    • Lucy then reassuring Goku, "I wanna fuck that ugly face!"
    • Hell, just the fact that Reicheru's father is Goku.
  • Wedding being repeatedly misspelled as 'weeding'.
  • Their response to stumbling across Zombie!Kagome? "RUN IT THE FUCK OVER!"
    • 'She put her boody hands all over the car and got up to the window.'
  • 'Elaine groggily opened her eyes and speaked like a kitten. "oh Oka-san your so squishy!"'
    • '"GAAHHP!" she squished her face with her kitty-fists and feel into Reicheru's chest."' Seriously, GAAHHP?!
  • '"imma go tease auntie Minna-san!" she ran into the room swaying back and forth like a green boat with legs.'
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  • "Nyuuuu!" followed by Man Without A Body's annotation snarking, "Just what this story needed. More nonsensical onomatopoeia."
  • "Okay then!" Aza boobed.
  • 'Reicheru tored appart the package. "What is it?" Yuki stuck it in her mouth and she felt it with her tounge. Then, Yuki took it out again. "it's a crystal figureine of Rhianna! Thank you!"' How could she tell?
  • 'Her big fat breasts flooped as she ran into the door.'
  • Reicheru at one point being described as a 'curvy meatloaf' in the narration.
  • 'The phone rang. It was loud and obonxious.'
  • Reicheru was very confused like a Chinese man in a place like England'- Man Without A Body can be heard losing his mind after he reads that line.
  • Sebastian from Black Butler taking out Minna and Yuki by throwing a banana at them.
  • In Chapter 30, a new character is introduced- Shartara or "Shart-san".

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