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Xuanyuan Jian AKA Xuan-Yuan Sword (Chinese: 軒轅劍, literally "Sword of Yellow Emperor") refers to a series of Chinese role-playing video games for personal computers developed by DOMO group, named to represent a group of friends with common goals, of Softstar Entertainment Inc. based in Taiwan. These games incorporate elements from Chinese history and mythology. The first game, released in 1990, was a short game with a somewhat fragmented plot (retconned in the second game) and lifted names for its protagonists straight from a popular movie at the time (also retconned in the second game), but paved the way to the establishment of a groundbreaking franchise of video games as well as the Chinese video gaming industry at large.


The series consists of the following games:

Main entries:
  • Xuanyuan Jian (軒轅劍) (1990, DOS)
  • Xuanyuan Jian 2 (軒轅劍貳) (1994, DOS, iOS)
  • Xuanyuan Jian 3: Yun he Shan de Bi Duan (軒轅劍參:雲和山的彼端) (1999, Windows)
  • Xuanyuan Jian 4: Hei Long Wu xi Yun Fei Yang (軒轅劍肆:黑龍舞兮雲飛揚) (2002, Windows)
  • Xuanyuan Jian 5: Yi Jian Ling Yun Shan Hai Qing (軒轅劍伍:一劍凌雲山海情) (2006, Windows)
  • Xuanyuan Jian 6: Feng Ling Chang Kong Qian Zai Yun (軒轅劍陸:鳳凌長空千載雲) (2013, Windows)
  • Xuanyuan Jian 7 Online (軒轅劍七Online) (TBA, Windows)

Waizhuan entries:
  • Xuanyuan Jian Waizhuan: Feng zhi Wu (軒轅劍外傳:楓之舞) (1995, DOS, iOS)
  • Xuanyuan Jian 3 Waizhuan: Tian zhi Hen (軒轅劍參外傳:天之痕) (2001, Windows)
  • Xuanyuan Jian Waizhuan: Cang zhi Tao (軒轅劍外傳:蒼之濤) (2004, Windows)
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  • Xuanyuan Jian Waizhuan: Han zhi Yun (軒轅劍外傳:漢之雲) (2007, Windows)
  • Xuanyuan Jian Waizhuan: Yun zhi Yao (軒轅劍外傳:雲之遙) (2010, Windows)
  • Xuanyuan Jian Waizhuan Online (軒轅劍外傳Online) (2012, Windows)
  • Xuan Yuan Sword EX: The Gate Of Firmament (軒轅劍外傳 穹之扉)(2015 Windows,Steam, PS4)

Other entries:
  • Xuanyuan Fu Mo Lu (軒轅伏魔錄) (2001, Windows)
  • Xuanyuan Jian Online (軒轅劍網路版) (2002, Windows)
  • Dream of Mirror Online (飛天歷險:軒轅劍網路版2代) (2005, Windows)
  • Tian zhi Hen: Xuanyuan Jian Online (天之痕:軒轅劍網路版) (2010, Windows)
  • Flying PuPu (飛天噗噗) (2011, iOS)
  • Battle Legends (伏魔傳奇) (2012, iOS)


This Franchise contains examples of:

  • SpinOff: The franchise has generated a great deal of spin-off media and events, such as music concerts, mobile games, MMOs, novels, comics, fanart, and a TV show, Xuanyuan Jian: Tian zhi Hen (軒轅劍之天之痕, lit. Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky), a 2012 Chinese TV series adapted from the game Xuanyuan Jian 3 Waizhuan: Tian zhi Hen.
  • Video Game Long Runners: Definitely, because the main series has at least six games, with multitudes of spinoff games, and the franchise has spanned over 25 years.
  • Autosave: Featured in the newer installments of the series.
  • Cel Shading: Dream of Mirror Online, or Xuan Yuan Sword Online 2, utilizes this to great effect.
  • Cut-and-Paste Environments: Several generic environments from Xuan Yuan Sword 3 were reused in its legend title, Scar of the Sky.
  • Elaborate Equals Effective: Typically, the better looking the equipment is, the more powerful its stats are.
  • Evolutionary Retcon: And how!
  • Faux First-Person 3D: Featured in the first three games.
  • Fixed Camera: A point of controversy in the three games of generation 5, where there were usually no environments to render outside of the camera frame.
  • Going Through the Motions: A staple from generation 4 (the first 3D generation) onwards.
  • Isometric Projection: Experimented with in Xuan Yuan Fu Mo Lu, a spinoff tactical-RPG.
  • Loading Screen: Present in the series during environment transitions.
  • Multi-Platform:
  • Real-Time with Pause: Gate of Heaven features the Cross Dynamic Time Battle system, in which the players can use a pause function and yet still issue commands to the currently selected character, while actions initiated before the pause resolve.
  • Respawn Point: Averted. Being defeated in battles that are not Hopeless Boss Fights takes the player back to the starting menu screen.