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Video Game / Xuan Yuan Sword EX: The Gate Of Firmament

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Xuan Yuan Sword EX: The Gate of Firmament (Xuānyuánjiàn Wàizhuàn: Qióngzhīfēi,軒轅劍外傳 穹之扉) is the twelfth entry of the Xuan Yuan Jian Franchise and the sixth entry to the Waizhuan series. The game is an Wuxia RPG game developed by Domo Studios and Softstar Entertainment. Its initial launch was released on Windows in March 2015. It was also released on Steam in February 2016 available with traditional and simplified Chinese, English and Japanese languages. The PS4 version was launched in March 2017.


A long time ago, the Jade Emperor opened up the gates of heaven in search of his beloved daughter, thus allowing connection between the realms of heaven and earth. Any mortals worthy enough to appeal to the Jade Emperor would receive divine powers, and aid the search of his missing daughter. Unfortunately, the people who wish to take advantage of it exploited these gifts, which caused chaos throughout the mortal realm as a result of their greed. Evil forces appeared and waged war across the continent, leaving innocent lives into a life of fear and suffering. Fearing that the demon Chiyou would rise to raze the mortal realm once again, the gods decided to have the gates that lead to the heaven sealed off with the combined powers of the Divine Artifacts. Since then, no mortals or gods are able to come into contact with each other. This incident of the gates of heaven being sealed was later known as “Juedi Tiantong 絕地天通.”(The Obstruction of the Earth and Sky)


Provides Examples Of:

  • An Axe to Grind: Ziquo's weapon of choice is an axe about the same size of her.
  • Four-Element Ensemble: The four playable characters have wind, water, fire and earth as their respective elements.
  • Invisibility with Drawbacks: Mu Yue can help the group stay invisible for 9 seconds to sneak past enemies. However, you cannot interact with anything, and contact with enemies will still trigger the fight. If an enemy spots you while you use it, they will still try to pursue you.
  • The Paralyzer: If Sih Kongyu manages to strike an enemy before entering battle, stunning them for a moment.
  • Random Drop Booster: Hitting an enemy to start the battle as Ziqiao allows you to reap more rewards after you defeated them.
  • Simple Staff: Sih Kongyu mainly uses a staff to fight.
  • Turn-Based Strategy, Real Time Combat: The Cross Dynamic Time Battle system has the playable characters and enemies have a cooldown after each command. During the cooldown, they can still perform actions like movement, charging an attack, evasion or blocking. The player can freely switch between each characters and control them.

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