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Visual Novel / A Light In The Dark

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"We cannot choose in this unfair world."

A rich boy named Hao-Chen Jiang is tied in a dim and dreary room that he has not seen before. As soon as he opens his eyes, a mysterious girl appears before him, asking him for a ransom. It is at that moment he realizes that he has been kidnapped, and he needs to figure out how to escape from the captors.

A Light in the Dark is a visual novel game developed by CreSpirit, Storia and Narrator. It was released on Steam on 16th June 2018. An official novelization of the game was released on 11th July 2018, which provides additional information for the story.

The player takes control of Hao-Chen Jiang, the hostage who gets kidnapped by two girls. During his days of imprisonment, you will need to examine the items around the room to formulate a plan to escape from the kidnappers or learn more about them. You will also need to interact with the kidnappers by answering their questions through various time-limited options. You can build your trust with them, or sometimes, outright berate your kidnappers when necessary.


Can you help him escape from the kidnappers?

Not to be confused with A Light in the Darkness.

This work contains examples of:

  • Multiple Endings:
    • Choose Death: You use every opportunity to anger the kidnappers and try to escape as many times as possible, and you die trying to escape.
    • Parallel Line: You anger the young girl by trying to make the mysterious girl look bad and disturbing, and eventually, they both stop caring about you and leave you to die at the end of Day 3.
    • Same Warmth: You manage to untie yourself with a shard of a broken glass and try to escape, only to get killed by the young girl.
    • Indelible Mark: You manage to untie yourself with a shard of a broken glass and try to escape, only this time you succeed by attacking the mysterious girl, killing her in the process. However, Hao-Chan becomes traumatized for the rest of his life as his memory of the young girl begging him to save her older sister keeps haunting him even after the event.
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    • Endless Rain: You try to resolve the situation in a peaceful way, but also berate them once or twice. Eventually, they leave you alone in the room and you fall off from your chair trying to break free, leaving you wounded. It remains ambiguous whether you have escaped or you have succumbed to your wound.
    • New Beginning: You spend the whole time trying to resolve the situation in a peaceful way without berating them, but you don't investigate anything about the mysterious girl. Eventually, they will free you, and Hao-Cheng will pray for the girls.
    • A Light In The Dark: You spend the whole time trying to resolve the situation in a peaceful way without berating them, and you also spend your time learning more about the mysterious girl. Eventually, the mysterious girl entrusts her younger sister's well-being to you and commits suicide via a sleep pill so that her younger sister can receive welfare payments. Four years after the event, you meet the young girl on the street, grown up and is catching up with society, and you begin to take care of her.
      • Hidden Ending: An alternative ending added in a later update where you decide to go back to prevent the mysterious girl from committing suicide. You're later shown talking to the mysterious girl in the hospital about your decision to save her with a police investigation into the kidnapping fully underway. The game ends with a shot of the mysterious girl and her younger sister eating in a cafe together.
  • Press X to Not Die: All the dialogues are answered in a series of quick time events, as the kidnappers wouldn't wait for the hostage to answer patiently.