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A 2014 British Conspiracy Thriller that aired on BBC Two, written and directed by David Hare. It is the second instalment of three television films that make up The Worricker Trilogy.

It once again stars Bill Nighy as Johnny Worricker, a former MI-5 intelligence analyst who is now in hiding in the Turks and Caicos Islands after the events of the first film. After a chance encounter with the mysterious Curtis Pellissier (Christopher Walken), Johnny is introduced to several American businessmen, whose shady practices are linked to his nemesis: Prime Minister Alec Beasely. Helena Bonham Carter also stars as Margot Tyrell, a former MI-5 officer and Johnny's ex-girlfriend, who is roped into the conspiracy through her new boss.

The film is a sequel to Page Eight (released in 2011) and a prequel to Salting the Battlefield, the final installment.

This show contains examples of:

  • The Alcoholic: Melanie Fall, who is at least slightly drunk is most scenes.
  • The Casanova: Johnny, who successfully charms Melanie and eventually escapes from the islands with Margot, his ex, at the end of the film.
  • Bad Boss: Stirling Rogers.
  • Blackmail: Johnny acquires damaging paperwork from a former Gladstone accountant which shows the company's shady practices, and threatens to release it to various authorities unless they pay back the US government the $200 million they overcharged for building black sites.
  • Burner Phones: Johnny has several stored in the safe room of his house, which he uses to call Rollo when he needs intel and assistance.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive:
    • Stirling Rogers, CEO of The Bridge Foundation. He takes a 10% tithe from all donations to the charity, to save and help finance Alec Beasely's endeavours once he steps down as PM.
    • The leaders of Gladstone, who build overseas prison camps for the CIA and then overcharge the US government by tens of millions of dollars.
  • Corrupt Politician: Prime Minister Alec Beasley. In collaboration with his friend Stirling Rogers, he is channelling money from a charity to fund his post-political endeavours; money that linked directly to torture camps and Gladstone.
  • False Friend: Curtis promises Johnny that if he helps him resolve the issue with Gladstone, he will not give his location to the British government. One the negotiations are complete, he rats Johnny out.
  • Friend on the Force: Johnny develops a good rapport with Detective Jim Carroll, who is investigating Dido's murder and is also the brother of his neighbour. This later proves useful as Carroll and his partner detain Johnny's CIA babysitter after he is betrayed, allowing him and Margot to escape the island.
  • Friend to All Children: Johnny is very good friends with his neighbour's son, who looks up to him as a father figure.
  • Go-to Alias: Johnny's is 'Tom Elliot', taken after one of his favourite poets.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Melanie Fall, the financial PR for Gladstone, eventually conspires with Johnny and Pelissier to blackmail them into returning stolen money to the US government. It's implied their improper treatment of her also contributed to her changing allegiances.
  • Improvised Weapon: Melanie uses a large wooden oar to strike Dido on the head and kill him.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Johnny and his neighbour's 10 year old son.
  • Invisible President: The newly elected US President is never seen or mentioned by name, but it is said he wants to shut down Guantanamo and stop the use of torture, much like Barack Obama when he first came into office.
  • Lack of Empathy: Stirling Rogers is a private equity mogul, and seems to care very little about the lay-off's and 'families on the street' he is responsible for, as he mentions it casually during dinner with Margot.
  • Little People Are Surreal: 100% averted. Clare Clovis, a former Gladstone accountant who has dwarfism, is not treated any differently nor act differently herself due to her size.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: The death of Dido, one of the Gladstone leaders, sets off the main events of the film.
  • Rape as Drama: It is strongly suggested that Dido was raping Melanie, which was the reason she killed him.
  • Swiss Bank Account: Johnny keeps most of his money and paintings in a safety deposit box in one of the many tax-haven banks located on the island.
  • Title Drop: Turks & Caicos is the name of the islands Johnny flees to after the events of the first film.