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So This Is Harris! is a 1933 short film (28 minutes) directed by Mark Sandrich.

It focuses on Phil Harris, now thoroughly forgotten, then a well-known singer and bandleader. The film opens with a married couple going to see Harris perform at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Los Angeles. It is established that Harris is The Casanova (a newspaper report says "Husband names Harris in suit for divorce") who attracts hordes of women to the Cocoanut Grove.

One of Phil's fans is a married woman named Dorothy. Dorothy's boring, ineffectual husband Walter is highly annoyed by his wife's frenzied devotion to Harris. One day Dorothy's friend Lillian gets word that Phil Harris is spending the afternoon hitting the links at the Hollywood Golf Club. Dorothy and Lillian make haste for the golf club—but what they don't know is that Walter is also playing golf there.

Three years after this film's release Harris began his long run on radio's The Jack Benny Program, and decades later he found work as a voice artist for Disney animation, most famously voicing Baloo in The Jungle Book (1967) and Little John in Robin Hood (1973).


  • As Himself: Phil Harris as a famous, successful bandleader who scores with all the ladies.
    • Walter Catlett plays a character named "Walter Catlett" but it doesn't seem to be him; there's no hint that this Catlett is an actor.
  • Berserk Button: Walter has a habit of freaking out at hearing Phil Harris music or at the very mention of Phil Harris. In one scene Walter smashes the radio at the club gym to smithereens, to stop it playing Phil Harris, when the song is actually Phil Harris himself singing in the shower.
  • But Liquor Is Quicker: Suggested by Walter to Phil as a means of getting Lillian and Lillian's friend going, Walter of course not knowing that the girl with Phil is his wife.
  • The Casanova: Phil Harris, bagging women all over town, getting named in divorce suits.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In the first scene with Walter and Dorothy she kisses him behind the ear, and because he's a jerk he complains in an obnoxious manner about what an odd habit that is. At the end Phil asks Walter if there's any lipstick behind his ear, and Walter realizes to his horror just who the groupie with Phil was.
  • Dramatic Irony: Walter rants and rants about how much he hates Phil Harris and how Phil Harris is just the worst, all directly to Phil Harris. Phil good-naturedly responds that he can't get away from Phil Harris either, that he has to listen to Phil Harris when he first gets up in the morning.
  • Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: "Husband names Harris in suit for divorce!"
  • Groupie Brigade: All the hot ladies at the golf club who ooh and aah over Phil Harris. One says she wishes he'd run for President.
  • Idiosyncratic Wipe: The film transitions from the nightclub to the golf course by covering the top and bottom of the screen until there's a thin horizontal line across the middle. Then the line turns 90 degrees until it's vertical, then it pulls back left and right to open the golf club segment. Another wipe has the new scene, of Phil and Walter out on the links, sort of drip down over the old scene of the groupies practicing their golf swings.
  • Lampshaded Double Entendre: Many. The old golfer at the club gives a entendre-laden golf lesson to the hot ladies in which he emphasizes the importance of "form" while making the standard 'hourglass figure' gesture. All the golf groupies then go through a golf lesson that seems to mainly consist of striking provocative poses. One lady teeing up while vigorously wiggling her bottom says "Go ahead and swing that thing" before swinging her golf club.
  • Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: At the end Dorothy is in the hospital giving birth. Walter is outside the hospital pacing nervously. At the cry of "It's a boy!", Walter suddenly stops and looks horrified. The "So this is Harris" music plays in a comic minor key, suggesting the possibility that Phil might be the father of Dorothy's baby.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: The dialogue in the opening sequence between the couple in the car, the taxi driver, and the cop, is all rhymed. So is the dialogue of the Phil Harris groupies at the golf club.
  • Scenery Censor: The most surprising scene in this surprisingly dirty movie is in the showers at the golf club. As Phil Harris in his shower stall croons about, uh, singing in the shower, all the hot girls in the Groupie Brigade wriggle and dance in their stalls. The camera slowly pans down a line of naked women in shower stalls, their naughty bits hidden by a modesty wall.
  • Sexy Figure Gesture: As described under Lampshaded Double Entendre, the old golfer at the club emphasizes the importance of "form" in golf while making the hourglass gesture.
  • Shaking the Rump: One groupie during the golf club sequence makes a great show of getting into her stance to swing the golf club, when she is really shaking her bottom for the camera.
  • Shower Scene: Phil and all the groupies are shown taking showers in the shower room at the golf club.
  • Title Drop: The phrase "so this is Harris!" is repeated several times. The husband in the opening sequence says it ruefully after realizing his wife has the hots for Phil Harris. The groupies at the country club say it in unison after talking about how much they want him. And Dorothy mutters it in her sleep, much to her husband's displeasure.
  • Your Television Hates You: Walter is ranting at the golf course about how much he hates Phil Harris (in the presence of Phil Harris of course). He's annoyed by someone playing Phil Harris on a phonograph. He puts a stop to that, but then is infuriated by someone playing Phil Harris on a car radio. He puts a stop to that, only for a goddamn blimp to fly overhead playing Phil Harris over loudspeakers as a promotion.