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Film / Knife and Heart

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Knife and Heart (French title Un couteau dans le cœur) is a 2018 French film.

The story is a Giallo pastiche. In the summer of 1979, gay porn producer Anne (Vanessa Paradis) sets out to make an ambitious film, only for her actors to be killed off one by one by a mysterious masked assailant.


  • Eunuchs Are Evil: The killer was castrated by his homophobic father, which caused him to rape/murder gay men with his knife penis. Literally.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Everyone is either bi or gay; Anne is bi, and she's surrounded by gay men as a result of working in gay porn.
  • Everyone Is Bi: Anne is bi, and essentially everybody who isn't gay will be bi.
  • Gay Cruising: The killer occasionally cruises for his victims, and kills his second on-screen victim after cruising on him and pretending he wants to hook up in a public street.
  • Phallic Weapon: The killer literally has a knife for his penis.