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A 1990 American Western Comedy Made-for-TV movie directed by Peter Markle that has the a notorious outlaw (Robert Beltran) kidnapping a schoolgirl (Sarah Trigger) and Billy Ray Smith (Anthony Edwards) going on a mission to rescue her.

The movie also stars Louis Gossett Jr., Joe Pantoliano, John Glover, MC Gainey, Miguel Sandoval, Branscombe Richmond, Jim Beaver, Don Collier, and Ann Risley.

It aired on HBO on July 22, 1990.


Tropes for the film:

  • Actually, I Am Him: Billy Ray Smith is searching for legendary "Kid Durango" with the help of a man named Van Leek only to later discover that the exploits of Kid Durango are based on the adventures of Van Leek.
  • In the Back: Billy Ray has this exchange with grizzled gunslinger Van Leek.
    Billy Ray: You just shot that man in the back!
    Van Leek: His back was to me.
    • Later, it gets an Ironic Echo when Billy Ray does it to the eponymous Big Bad, as Van Leek gives the line, and Billy Ray Shrugs and replies as Van Leek did earlier in the film. Van Leek chuckles.
  • Schoolmarm: Billy Ray Smith, a rare male example. He is a tenderfoot teacher from Boston living in Texas. When one of his students, a teenage girl, is kidnapped, Billy Ray is the only one willing to even try to rescue her from the titular Big Bad.

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