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Infection is a Death Note Zombie Fic written by DXM Junkie and posted on

The summary as given by the author is this: During the investigation, an outbreak appears in Great Britain. It's known only as the Rage Virus, an infection that kills anyone who's exposed. Forced to divert his attention away from the Kira case and towards the new developing worldly crisis, L brings the soft and uncalculating Light Yagami with him to the UK. There, things change.

It's a fic where L and Light have landed themselves in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse in England. They wind up trapped in the country during a quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading. They're trapped in a mall with three other survivors; a little girl named Corey who Light rescues, a teenager named Rachel, and a middle-aged military man named Kent. Also, while there they get a Relationship Upgrade.

Infection provides examples of: