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A collection of one-shots (also found here), taking place in the same universe as Extra Life. Many, but not all, take place after the epilogue, and each is a self-contained story exploring Backstory or Character Development for the main and side cast.

Given the time period a lot of it takes place in, expect unmarked spoilers for Extra Life.

Tropes in Expansion Pack include:

  • A Day in the Limelight: Chapter 7 is solely about Miaya Gekkogahara and her backstory.
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  • Anachronic Order: The one-shots jump around chronologically; the first one takes place before Chiaki is invited to Hope's Peak. The next few take place at various points after Extra Life, then the seventh leaps even before the first to explore Miaya's backstory, and then back to after Extra Life.
  • Androids Are People, Too: Class 77 treats the A.I.s like they're any other person, much to the World Destroyer's confusion. He believes they're fully expendable and only exist to carry out orders, so everyone insisting he's a valued friend is seen as bizarre.
  • Author Appeal: In an author's note, the author admits that the beta of Hajime with shoulder-length hair is a design she really digs. Thus, she had him grow his hair out to mimic it in Chapter 9.
  • Back from the Dead: AI Chiaki and Usami have enough data restored that they can be "loaded" from their last save points in Chapter 9.
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  • Call-Back: Chiaki Fujisaki compares her meeting Chiaki Nanami to Aya Brea meeting Eve, the exact same comparison her human counterpart made in Extra Life.
  • The Cameo: Koichi Kizakura pops up in the first chapter, scouting Chiaki for Hope's Peak.
  • Character Development: When Class 77 is in focus post-Extra Life, their chapters usually provide this in one way or another.
    • Peko tries to find what to do with herself and learn how to live as a person, not a tool.
    • Kazuichi is eventually forced to confront the fact his idolization of Sonia is unhealthy and that he needs to let go.
    • Mikan stands up for herself for the first time against Hiyoko; though she immediately breaks down when the bullying starts, she's later able to do it again, taking the first steps growing out of being an Extreme Doormat.
    • Hiyoko admits she's wrong to have bullied Mikan so much, apologizes, and starts trying to be a better person.
    • Chiaki Fujisaki goes through an existential crisis after being revived and finding that Chiaki Nanami is still alive, seeking her own identity.
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  • Do Androids Dream?: The central question of the World Destroyer's chapter. He spends a lot of time reflecting on whether he "counts" as human; he believes, that he doesn't, but he also has this called into question by Class 77 and the existence of an AI who already Grew Beyond Their Programming.
  • Dramatic Irony: In Chapter 9. Fujisaki dwells on the belief that she's just a substitute for the human Chiaki, and feels that now that the latter is back, there's no more point to her being around. Unbeknownst to her, that's exactly what Chiaki N. worried about, but in reverse—that if her AI counterpart came back, she'd be replaced because she's a better version of her.
  • Laughing Mad: Kazuichi eventually spirals into sobbing and laughing after Sonia rejects and gives him a piece of her mind for stalking her.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: In Chapter 4, Kazuichi rebels against the idea that he's following some pre-written script.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Hajime mentions he's not certain whether the Chiaki AI he saw at the end of the second game was really there or a hallucination on his part. She doesn't remember being there either, which could either be because she wasn't, or because the data was just lost.
  • Mythology Gag: Chiaki asks Peko if she remembers the time they bought snacks together, referencing an event in one of the Dangan Ronpa 3 anthologies.
  • One Steve Limit: Discussed and averted. The Chiaki AI is resurrected, acknowledges that her and the human Chiaki sharing the exact same name is going to cause problems, and decides to take the last name Fujisaki after her father Chihiro. Since most of the cast address people by their surnames, and those who don't either use nicknames ("Nana-chan" and "Saki-chan") or are only on First-Name Basis with one, that clears up any confusion about which is which in the narration. In author's notes, the author distinguishes between the two with "Chiaki F."
  • Robots Think Faster: Mentioned briefly; while talking with Hajime about bringing Usami and AI Chiaki back, the World Destroyer remarks to himself that "humans think so slowly" when the former takes a couple of seconds to mull things over.
  • Shout-Out: Keeping with Sonia's Homage, the surname of Novoselic's new president is Cobain, after Nirvana's guitarist Kurt Cobain.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Alter Ego and Usami mention that there was a bit of trouble while fixing part of the fifth island, before hastily declaring that it's nothing and everything is fine. Kazuichi has his doubts, to say the least.
  • Theme Naming: Like Extra Life, all the chapters have video game themed titles.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Downplayed, but Mikan can't forgive Hiyoko for her bullying. She does, however, state she'll try to get to a point where she can, since Hiyoko is also trying to stop being a bully.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: After spending all of Extra Life trying and failing to beat Izuru in video games, Chiaki pulls off a single win in Chapter 3. Also counts as one for Hajime too, since now his victory isn't 100% assured.
  • Wake Up Fighting: Mentioned; Hajime asks Chiaki not to try physically waking him if he's having a nightmare, because he has Super Strength and is afraid of hurting her if this trope happened. Chiaki herself sometimes wakes up in this manner, but because Hajime is much stronger than her, he's able to keep either from getting hurt.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • In Chapter 4, Kazuichi yells at Hajime for not telling him Gundham was going to ask Sonia out.
    • In the same chapter, Sonia politely but firmly calls Kazuichi out on his behavior.
    • Everyone gives Hiyoko this after her bullying drives Mikan to a panic attack in Chapter 5.


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