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"Lukey Man! Lukey Man! Does whatever a sexy stud does! // Can he swing from a thread? I don't think so cos he's a Treecko, look out! Here comes the Lukey Man!"

Divine Intervention is a fanfic written by valeforXD.

The story started out as an extremely corny self-insert before it spiraled into a now 42-chapter pseudo-epic still in writing. It starts off simple enough; Galactic Leader Cyrus decides he wants to create a new world, but goes about it in an entirely different way - by releasing a toxin into the atmosphere that turns all living human beings into Pokémon, then capturing every single natural born Pokemon (except legendaries, it seems), leaving the former humans in an almost helpless state.


Main Character Aaron is told by Kyogre that he has a special power inside of him, and he should go on a journey to track down the Magnificent Bastard Cyrus before he blows the whole place up.

What's this special power? The Annulment. No, he doesn't void marriages, but he holds the power to erase any one person from existence, at the cost of his own life - a bit of a Double Edged Sword, then. Well, it kinda makes up for it in that Aaron has a Required Secondary Power that allows him to surround himself in a ball of electricity, fly around, and effectively destroy everything. Soon enough, Annulers other than the titular hero begin to appear, and they become a central plot theme.

The fic has a habit of Breaking the Fourth Wall a fair bit, and also includes a helluva lot of obscure pop culture references, most notably from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Archer. It's generally light-hearted, but can escalate rather quickly. Chapters 16, 19 and 33 have even been described as Tear Jerkers, for some strange reason.


The author, valeforXD, says the story starts out slow and very "amateur-esque" before it picks itself up. Although he constantly exclaimed that the story would never end, it finally did in May 2015, with Aaron announcing that it would be rebooted under the working title "Pokemon Crusaders: Divine Intervention".

Unrelated to the browser game from Jim Bonacci, the creator of Happy Wheels.


  • Alternate Universe: The story takes place in the same time as the D/P/Pt versions of Pokemon. Cyrus ends up doing things a little differently, and thank the heavens he's not being thwarted by a kid in a beret this time.
  • Backstory: When Luke describes how he and Aaron met, he is depicted as the hero. When Aaron describes it, Luke almost drowned as well.
  • Baleful Polymorph: This was Cyrus' intention when he turned every human in the world into Pokemon, but it seems his plan is backfiring.
    • Minor character Malik, a Galactic grunt, fell asleep on the night the plan was set in motion, and as such became a Glameow himself. He gets absolutely raped by Nick in Chapter 7.
  • Body Snatcher: Dante's Annulment allows him to pretty much remove souls from their bodies - including his own, thus resulting in him and Luke switching bodies for a chapter, and nobody figuring it out.
    • When Luke bursts in the door in Dante's body...
      "Look out, here comes the Lukey Man!"
  • But Now I Must Go: Dylan and Dylbert end up leaving around Chapter 32, calling Aaron a disaster magnet.
  • Death Is a Sad Thing: Aaron believed his parents to be dead after Team Galactic kidnapped and tortured them. His father, however, is still alive, and though his mother kicked the bucket a long time ago, it was for an entirely different reason.
  • Fearless Plane Of Disembodied Dialogue:
    • The legendaries can be considered this when in contact with Aaron and Luke.
    • Jekyll, who still hasn't actually revealed himself yet, talked to Kai in Chapter 42 through the power of disembodied voice. And like a good little boy, he oblidged to everything he said.
  • Find the Cure!: Now that every living being in the world has been turned into a Pokemon, one would think that someone would be working on a cure...right?
  • Five-Man Band: Aaron, Luke, Dylan, Nick and Dylbert. This eventually dwindles down to Aaron, Luke, Nick, Dewey and Emi.
  • Great Escape: Hasn't quite happened yet, but considering the nature of things, it's bound to happen very soon.
  • Jekyll & Hyde: A joke is made about Russell, and how many were surprised that when the toxin changed everyone, he didn't morph into a huge blubbery version of his already fat self - a Wailord.
  • La Résistance: The Crusaders, obviously.
  • Love Triangle: Aaron grows extremely jealous of Alice and Russell, but the jealousy doesn't last too long as he helps the two break up anyway.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Though everyone has their fair share of funny quips and one-liners, Dylan, Dylbert, Emi and the majority of the Crusaders can be considered this.
  • Man Versus Machine: Around Chapter 25, the Galactics start using what Charon calls Galactic Mecha Prototypes, or GM Ps. It all ties in with the whole "let's parody Gurren Lagann thing.
  • Madness Mantra: Aaron, on several occasions.
    • Probably the most notable example from Chapter 15:
      The cake is a lie! The cake is a lie! "Okay, let's do this! You're going down, Roark!" The cake is a lie! Oh God I love caramel cake...
  • Mascot: Aaron is turned into a Pikachu. How cliché...
  • More Expendable Than You: Doesn't work in Aaron's favour.
  • Olympus Mons:
    • Aaron meets Kyogre very early on in his dreams, and Luke meets Lugia in the same way.
    • And Lugia saved the gang from becoming pancakes on the pavement in Chapter 12.
  • The Cake Is a Lie:
    • See Madness Mantra above.
    • When Rhyder promised a jar of cookies and a Tim Tam to whoever could think of a name for the Crusaders' new airship, Emi came up with the name Milk Lizard. She only got the Tim Tam in return.
  • The Epic: Not quite as large in scope as most epics...yet. But it seems to meet the criteria nonetheless.


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