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Part of The Infinite Loops project.

One of the more recently activated loops, the Winx Club Loops and its inhabitants are among the youngest of the loopers running around Yggdrasil. Despite their youth, they have a rather disproportionate amount of influence across the loops due to the remarkable power of the native loopers as well as their natural tendency to make friends in odd places, granting them a rather impressive network of contacts. That's not to say that everyone loves them, as there are a number of ongoing feuds and rivalries that involve the native loopers, but for the most part the Winx are something of a nexus for the current generation of loopers.


Structurally, the Winx Club Loops are one of the most heavily damaged branches of Yggdrasil, featuring three competing corrupted baselines. The loop is consistent up until the end of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, but after that everything can, and does, vary dramatically by loop. At the same time, the branch is also one of the most stable, as the Loopers have made it a point to cooperate with their Admin, Fand.

Winx Club is, at its core, a European take on the magical girl genre, featuring transforming fairies with elemental affinities. The loop is its own self-contained multiverse with the main characters hailing from half a dozen different universes, and travel between universes within the loop is commonplace. Additionally it bears many similarities to the My Little Pony universe, with magic and friendship being inextricably entwined, the Power of Love serving as a Deus ex Machina on occasion, six chromatically distinct female main characters, and of course the whole place being a series of death worlds where the wilderness is all too happy to kill you in numerous horrifying ways.


The Winx Club Loops are bit unusual in the context of the loops with a focus on long running and complex character arcs instead of simple gag of the day segments. It has one-off gags too of course, but the main focus is on the ongoing narrative of the characters' lives and the struggles they face in the loops.

The first Winx Club Loops compilation can be found here; the second is here. The thread can be found here.


The Winx Club Loops provide examples of:

  • Accidental Marriage: Musa and Darcy end up with one of these in Vegas Mistakes, with Donut as the minister, of all people. Unlike most examples of Vegas marriages, they do annul it, thinking that it's going way too fast for their tastes.
  • Asshole Victim: A sociopathic version of Sky gets offed by the Patchamen. This leads to the Trix having to avert the Civil War by bringing the Ancestral Witches' spirits to air Sky's father's dirt and ruin his credibility.
  • Magikarp Power: In the grand scheme of the loops, Winx Club Fairy (and by extension Witch) magic is this. It tends to start out simple, weak, limited, and just generally not the most useful ability set. On the other hand, it has no defined upper limit and can be used for acts up to and including the creation (or destruction) of entire pocket universes.
  • Official Couple: Brandon and Stella, carried over from canon.
    • Flora and Techna, after much egging from their Admin, Fand.
    • Musa and Darcy, after a Vegas marriage. They annulled the marriage but are still together.
    • Aisha & Nabu, also carried over from Canon.
  • Noodle Incident: Several.
    • The Krav Maga incident, which involved Flora and Aisha.
    • Flora apparently got on Roxy's bad side due to an incident involving a taco truck.
    • Diaspro once took on DIO. This resulted in a beat down so brutal, she looked like she came out of a car crash.
    • Subverted with Flora's hatred of Scarface, as once we learn this, we get an entire chapter dedicated to the event that caused that.
  • There Are No Therapists: The only decent therapist of the Loop is Darcy, who openly admits to be a rank amateur at best. The only in-Loop alternative is Lightrock, so bad that when the Trix took over it was still better than before.
    • Interestingly, Earth still has professional therapists who are easily the best in the entire Winx multiverse. Apparently psychological care is humanity's hat.
  • Wham Episode: The Fall of Helia multi-parter. Helia finally enacts his plan to "fix" the loops, and it takes every single Winx looper — including the Mystery Looper, finally revealed to be Riven — and Fand to barely stop him. As a result, Helia is pretty much ostracized from all his peers (though Diaspro and Riven are at least willing to work him through the redemption process) and added to the potential MLE list, all while realizing exactly how badly he screwed up.