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In the beginning, there was nothing. No prehistoric dinosaurs, no microscopic algae, no anything in particular, there was but one spark of determination floating in the void of nothingness that was the beginning. But then the Spark said: Let there be light, and the rest was history.

The Yggdrasil Diaries are what happens when a Z-List Internet Critic writes a series of stories based on The Infinite Loops fanfiction project on a little forum called Spacebattles.


Each one of the announced books tends to focus on a unique aspect of the project for each book from Looping Houses to pocketing Non-Loopers to the very origin of the Infinite Loops in of itself. The Infinite Loops does lend itself to a boatload of antics across time and space, some joyous and delightful, others take a turn for the grim and hitchcockian. But no matter the story, you can always count on there being a unique star with each 'book' that releases.

Two books have been announced so far in this series, including:

  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to Infinity - A man by the name of Drew Lea Maine works at a video store that is about to be carelessly demolished just as a bloke named Jim rescues him and his family from the demolition of the Planet Earth. Now, he wanders the omniverse repeating each universe's timeline fifty times in a row before moving on to the next one.
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  • The Impeccable Dr. Riley - A girl by the name of Riley Andersen awakens back on the road to San Fransisco and is naturally weirded out by this as it happens over and over again, in time, she learns of the Loops and the little voices inside of her head and wishes to be shoulder to shoulder with them at some point.

And more books are probably on the way as the series grows and evolves alongside the project on which it's based. But the writer in question has no intention of being the lone writer on this project, He wants to hear from the community at hand. However, it's NOT part of the Infinite Loops Project canon, as many things appearing in this contradict events and mechanics on different Loops, and the author is not part of the community.


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