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Famous Last Words / Fist of the North Star

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  • "What? You must be joking! (HIDEBU!)" Zeed, who dies after being hit by Kenshiro’s signature Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken technique
  • "No! I don’t want to die now! I don’t want to!" Spade, who gets seven seconds to live after being hit with Kenshiro’s Hokuto Zankai Ken technique
  • "Don’t make me laugh! The fight’s just beginning... What the? (HIDEBU!)" Diamond, who dies when Kenshiro causes him to twist and break his neck
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  • "Hey! Wait! Help me, please! I don’t want to die! Please, wait...! (HABEBE!)" Club, who dies when Kenshiro hits a point on his body that causes him to contort until his spine snaps
  • HIDEBU!!!!! Mr. Heart exploding like an over-inflated balloon after being hit by Kenshiro's Hokuto Juha Zan technique
  • "It seems like my time has come...however, I refuse to die by your techniques! Kenshiro... FAREWELL!!!" Shin, preferring Better to Die than Be Killed by throwing himself off his fortress than allow Kenshiro to kill him with Hokuto Shinken
  • "Why? With your power, you could build a Godland like the one I wanted... With no regrets, you could do it!" The Colonel, who dies after Kenshiro’s technique causes his skeleton to pop out
  • "I’ll kill you!" Fox, whom Kenshiro kills with a kick
  • "Brother... Brother... It hurts..." Devil Rebirth, who dies when he and Jackal are blown up by one of Jackal’s own dynamite sticks
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  • "Wait a second... You idiot! Get real! Wait a minute! Hey! Come on! Wait up! Wait, please! Save me! It’s gonna explode! I... I don’t wanna die!" the aforementioned Jackal
  • "It doesn’t hurt. Why not? (WA... TA... BE!)" Boss Fang, after losing his arm to a grenade blast, he then tries to rush Kenshiro, who uses the Ganzan Ryosan Ha technique to kill him, then his body falls into a pool of lava
  • "Over? You fool! Your journey to Hell has only just begun! Have you forgotten you still have two other brothers? I can imagine the Hell awaiting you!" Jagi, who says these final words to Kenshiro before exploding
  • "LORD KEN-OH!" Amiba, who is forced to walk backwards off his tower to his death, he screams this on the way down
  • "Cassandra has another legend... In the end, Cassandra will return to the wasteland!" Uighur, who survives his fight with Kenshiro long enough to inform the inmates of Cassandra about its ultimate fate before dying
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  • "At least I can die in your arms..." Yuda, mortally wounded by Rei, admits his defeat and dies in the arms of his rival, after admitting that between the two of them, Rei is the "strongest and most beautiful man in the world"
  • "The Star of Justice lives for others and dies for others. I have no regrets. Ken, Lin, Bat, Toki, Airi... Mamiya..." Rei, who expires inside a shack after being hit by technique that will kill him in three days by Raoh
  • "Farewell... Kenshiro..." Shew, who suffers a Raputinian Death when Souther riddles him with arrows and forces him to hold the top of his pyramid until he dies
  • "Master Ogai....Master....let me know of your praise like before..." Souther, who dies mercifully and peacefully at the feet of his Master Ogai's mummified remains after Kenshiro defeats him
  • "My sister, Yuria, chose you... and she certainly made the right choice." Ryuga, who bleeds out after his fight with Kenshiro
  • "Do not grieve, Kenshiro. Change that grief into anger and live. Ken-Oh’s power comes from his conquest through terror. But true peace after that is in your hands. Let us go, Ryuga! We’ll join the others who lived their lives driven by destiny... The Death Omen Star... Farewell, Kenshiro." Toki, who fades away holding Ryuga in his arms
  • "Ken-Oh is incredibly strong... But your fate will be sealed by the Nanto Goshasei. Ken-Oh... I’ll see you in hell!" Huey, whom Raoh kills with a single blow
  • "Ken-Oh, if you stand before our general, the eternal light will be drenched in tears! I cannot let that happen no matter what!" Shuren, who gets killed straight afterwards when Raoh snaps his neck and crushes his head
  • "Raoh, you are undoubtedly strong. But don’t assume that you’ll always have your way." Juza, who keeps fighting even after Raoh kills him
  • "From now on, please hold these children.... No, embrace all children of this era. That’s the favor Fudo of the Mountains asks of you. I’m counting on you." Fudo, who bleeds out after his fight with Raoh
  • "My life was one lived without a single regret!"note  Raoh, whom Kenshiro defeats to end the first part of the series, Died Standing Up as he raises his fist to Heaven to return hope and light to the world
  • "You're...ANNA! Anna, save me, please! I'm begging you! Tell meee...please, tell me...where did I go wrong?!" Jagi, but only in the spin-off manga Flower of Carnage.

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