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Famous Last Words / Fullmetal Alchemist

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Tropes for the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga and Brotherhood
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  • "Bradley...hehehehe...AHAHAHAHA...PERFECT!" Isaac McDougal (Brotherhood only)
  • "Now you, too...? Everyone is mocking me! I won't stand for--!" Father Cornello
  • "How did you come in? There were guards outside on the door!" Shou Tucker, to Scar. Right before Scar kills him.
  • "Father... Father...?" Nina Tucker, or better said, the Chimera she and her dog Alexander were made into. By her father, the aformentioned Tucker. And then Scar gives them a Mercy Kill.
    • "Daddy's hurting... Daddy hurts... no, Daddy..." The Nina Chimera in Brotherhood.
  • "Elicia...Gracia...I'm sorry. I don't think I can...keep my promise..." Maes Hughes
  • "Do us a favor, kid, and get her outta here." Dolcetto
  • "Protect her." Roa
  • "DIE, BRADLEY!!!" Martel
  • "I hope I give you the runs, Dad!" Greed
  • "You killed me. I hate losing... but there are worse ways to die than at the hands of a man like you. I love how cold and focused your eyes are. I look forward... to the day when those eyes will be wide with agony... It's coming... It's coming..." Lust
  • "No! Don't do it! Wait! No, stop, please!" Barry the Chopper
  • "Look after... my daughter. She’s in possession of... my research... look after her." Master Berthold Hawkeye
  • "I was...going to be...immortal..." General Raven
  • "Mister...Greed...we're...friends..." Bido
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  • "No, don't eat me... it hurts... help me... Lust..." Gluttony
  • "It's not like they have tanks." That poor, poor sap in Central. Maybe.
  • "Heheheh, I guess we'll see how long this adorable little alliance of yours can hold up. Oh well, best of luck with that, pipsqueak. Goodbye... Edward... Elric..." Envy
  • "Am I...dying now? For real...? What is dying like? Such a think about it. But such a" Sloth
  • "Oh... you have my gratitude... thank you." Fu
  • "Well...I'm afraid the sooty air of Central doesn't agree with me...farewell to you, my comrades...I'll see you on the other side...somewhere magnificent...even greater than the summit of Briggs..." Captain Buccaneer
  • "Very good, job well done Bradley! That's the kind of man I brought you up to b—!" The Gold-Toothed Doctor
  • "And now you've spent all your time asking useless questions and lost your opportunity for vengeance. What a shame. Ah... I've lived my life by forever following the path that had been set for me. Thanks to the idiosyncrasies of humanity it was, at least, a life worth living for, and maybe even a life worth dying for." King Bradley/Wrath
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  • "If you think that [he'll kill you], then you still don't understand Edward Elric!" Solf J. Kimblee
  • "Stop this... STOP this...! PLEASE STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!" Selim Bradley/Pride. Kind of.
  • "Brother... win." Al, before trading his soul back to the Truth for Ed's arm. He got better.
  • "Hmm. I can't believe I let Ling and the little runt talk to me that way. Aw, I've had enough. Yeah. That's all I really need. They gave me everything I could want. Heh heh heh... thank you, and goodbye, my friends." The Second Greed
  • "But why?! I just wanted to understand this world's knowledge! I wanted to experience it, free! I just wanted to be FREE! FREE TO KNOOOOOOOOOOW!!!" Father
    • "Just tell me what I was supposed to do! What'd I do wrong?! What should I have done?!" Father as Homunculus, the Dwarf in the Flask, before being sent back inside of the Gate of Truth to his eternal resting place
  • "You got it! That's the right answer! Good job, you beat me! Go ahead, take him home! The back door is right over there! Goodbye, Edward Elric! Truth (maybe) Ed's Truth
  • "And now... believe it or not, I actually want to keep on living... I guess I'm pretty hopeless, aren't I, Trisha...?" Van Hohenheim

Fullmetal Alchemist, 2003 anime version

  • "Cursed souls! Who are you really? What are you after?" Father Cornello
  • "A bouquet of flowers would be nice. Your father always used to make them for me." Trisha Elric
  • "I don’t see it... There's just no way you could possibly be my Karin... Karin… I'm coming for you... Majhal
  • "You promised you'd come play with me." Nina Tucker
  • "I'll never surrender the spring!" Mugear
  • "What… what are you doing here? Where is Father Cornello? The real one? What have you done with him?" Brother Cray
  • "Your timing's too bad. Just as I got my hands on this." Basque Grand
  • "Then it is true, what you creatures are, like the stories say!" Dr. Marcoh
  • "Brother. I'm going on ahead." Younger Slicer, before scratching out the blood seal binding his soul to the armor
  • "Edward Elric, I want you to—" Elder Slicer
  • "Well, this is a surprise. A real State Alchemist. Please allow me to thank you for making me look like this!" Barry the Chopper
  • "Rick! Leo! Where are you? I can't find you!" Rick and Leo's mother, who was killed by a rocket trying to look for them
  • "What the hell's going on? I was working for the military! So why did that damn State Alchemist interfere with us? Did the Fuhrer even know about this? Coz maybe I should give him a phone call—" Mercenary leader
  • "I hope you'll forgive me, but I've got a wife and kid waiting for me back home." Maes Hughes, who never got to go home, sadly.
  • "What's this? You buffoons better back up! I'm protected by the—" Yoki
  • "Then you're at peace with this?" Law
  • "You're asking me now?" Dorochet
  • "They pull the strings. Now cut them! I'm counting on you, kid." Greed
  • "Why?" Lujon
  • "Lujon, are you here? Where are you? Answer me!" Lydia
  • "You were in love with her too, weren't you? Sorry. You probably deserve her more. But I'm going to see her first." Scar's unnamed brother
  • "And your leader, the Fuhrer, he's a... Homunculus!" Marta/Martel, though this is not heard until a flashback the episode after her death.
  • "I want him to have time to think about his death and reflect on how meaningless his efforts have been." Solf J. Kimblee
  • "A man who inflicts suffering can't rest. His guilty mind won't allow it. But today I can finally close my eyes to the living nightmare and lay down, knowing that I won't wake again. Brother..." Scar
  • "Maybe you are right.... Where did I come from? And where will I go when I die? Maybe all this time... that is what I wanted... the freedom to find out." Lust
  • "Have you seen headquarters? We're in a war zone! Rebels are everywhere! We don't have time for questioning! Let me kill her!" Frank Archer
  • "Father... stop..." Selim Bradley
  • "You are foolish. All of you. Even my own son." Pride/Fuhrer Bradley
  • "Clean up after yourselves and take care of each other." Sloth, perhaps finally realizing that she and Trisha were the same person
  • (crying) "Where is she, where's Lust?" Gluttony, who was not killed right away, but had his mind erased by Dante. He dies two years later along with Wrath.
  • "You're... his son?" Edward Elric. He gets better thanks to Al's sacrifice.
  • "This is for you, brother. I'll miss you." Alphonse Elric. He gets better due to Ed's sacrifice.
  • "Dammit, Gluttony! What are you doing here? I don't have time for this! You don't understand me, do you? Just hold on. We'll find you something to eat soon, okay?" Dante, just before Gluttony attacks her. We don't see her eaten but the empty elevator and the hole on the floor implies it.
  • "Still just a puppet, aren't you, pipsqueak?" Envy. He dies a few days later, but these are the final words he speaks on-screen before he gets sacrificed to open the Gate.
  • "Please. I just want to go home. Where Mommy is. Now!" Wrath
  • "Give Al my regards." Hohenheim
  • "I may not live much longer, but I'll still be here. Just don't forget me." Alfons Heiderich
  • "Open it again. The doorway. Do it now! I must destroy it! Shambala..." Dietlinde Eckhart