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Famous Last Words / Berserk

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These quotes are listed by their order in the story's internal chronology, rather than by order of publication.

  • "Gam...!" Donovan, who is killed by Guts as revenge for raping him. He was trying to say Gambino.
  • "You... killed her. Shisu...!" Gambino.
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  • "No, wait... I yield to the better man. Please have... mercy on--!" Bazuso.
  • "I... know you! (coughs up blood) You're one of Griffith's... one of Griffith's... men..." Count Julius, who is addressing his assassin, Guts.
  • "Excuse me, I... (gasp!) Intruder!" Adonis.
  • "Fas..." Samson Coborlwitz. He was trying to say "fast."
  • "What...?! Impossible...!" Adon Coborlwitz.
  • "UNWANTED FOOLS!!!" General Boscone/Boscogn.
  • "Grr...! You bastard--!" Governor Gennon.
  • "Griffith, you impudent swine...! Do you really intend to kill me, the Queen? Do you think it even possible that a common blood of humble origins like you could burn me, the Queen of Midland to DEATH?!? YOU ARE MY SUBJECT! I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!" The Queen of Midland.
  • "Nuh, waith, pleash...! Dun do thith to me...!" ("No, wait, please...! Don't do this to me...!") The Midland Torturer. The reason for his indistinct speech is because Guts cut his tongue out before dropping him to his death.
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  • "OWW! WAIT! STOP! You and I are on the same side, aren't we?! You're mistaken! I'm telling you, he's not the one! He doesn't have it! He doesn't have the Behelit! He's not the man we think he is!" Wyald.
  • "Get going! You heard me, run! Get out of here while you still can!" Pippin, making a Last Stand against the Apostles.
  • "A woman? Here in Hell? Now I know I'm dreaming! Oh, damn it, I'm a sucker for a beautiful woman... damn it..." Corkus. And said woman? A female Apostle who proceeds to transform and eat him alive.
  • "You cry a lot when you're alone...don't you, Casca...?" Judeau, trying and failing to confess his love to her.
  • "Commander, what in God's name is happening...? Is this real, or am I having nightmares...?" Gaston, before a parasitic demon bursts his head open.
  • "Don't look at me..." Casca. She doesn't die, but these are her last words as a sane person before she passes out from being raped by Griffith/Femto. Thankfully, she regains her sanity later.
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  • "You fell into my trap, fool! This is your last taste of Heaven before I send you to Hell!" The female Apostle who killed Corkus. Turns out the only one trapped was her.
  • "W-Wait! Please! I don't want to die! Wait...! Help... me...!" The Baron of Koka Castle/The Snake Lord.
  • "I'll chop you into mincemeat!" Zondark. After Guts chops part of his head off, the Apostle Spawn put in him by the Slug Baron takes over his corpse. Said Apostle Spawn is squashed later on, rendering Zondark's body inert.
  • "Black Swordsman! I beg of you! Hold up this devil's severed head before us, once and for all! Hold it up before us!" Vargas.
  • "Theresia!" The Count/The Slug Baron as he is Dragged Off to Hell, calling out to his daughter.
  • "I'm going home..." Rosine, to Jill just before her final flight.
    • "I'm hungry... I wonder...what's for supper...?" Rosine's last thoughts, on her final flight.
  • "Maybe so... maybe I wished for you... on the throne... the king on the throne... Griffith..." The King of Midland.
  • "Dear Lord, I thank thee, that in the last moments of our lives burdened by grotesque form and harsh destiny, you saw fit to prepare for us a miracle such as this. And more than anything, for the miracle that we chanced to meet Father Mozgus." The Bird, Mozgus' chief inquisitor.
  • "And with our last breath of flame... let this fiend be incinerated!" Father Mozgus.
  • "Ah... the light... is overflowing..." The Egg of the Perfect World.
  • "May there be blessings on your new course, my beloved child." Flora.
  • "The light... envelops me..." Emperor Ganishka.