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Berserk is easily the absolute heavyweight champion of Fan Disservice. While the manga contains tons of blatant sexual imagery and incredibly graphically explicit sex, most of it is absolutely horrific unless the readers are into blood-drenched demon rape.

  • The many, many, MANY instances of sex involved is anything but sexy with the vast majority of it involving rape. Whether it be a pedophile raping Guts, the hideous ape looking Wyald raping multiple women, or Griffith sleeping with an unattractive nobleman, the sexuality of Berserk is designed to make the reader feel uncomfortable and disgusted.
  • Casca is very beautiful and has an attractive figure, so it's not unnatural to appreciate her in the nude. Having said that, there are many scenes of her in a naked state where she's being assaulted or is going through emotional trauma, in which the audience is supposed to be feeling sympathy for her and horror at her predicament instead of ogling her:
    • Probably the worst example of this comes in Volume 13 where she gets forcibly stripped naked by demons before being first put in Unwilling Suspension, then brutally raped and given a Forceful Kiss in horrific fashion (as she's being raped) by Femto, the Godhand who was once her commander Griffith, while her boyfriend/his Number Two Guts is made to watch it happen right in front of him. Not to mention, it's the only scene where Casca's Boobs of Steel are seen bouncing, and it serves to show just how violently she's being assaulted. The readers are more disgusted by this single scene of the Eclipse than when everyone else in the Band of the Hawk gets savagely devoured by demons.
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    • The next time Casca is seen, she's taking a Waterfall Shower of Angst. Not only is she fully clothed, but soon it becomes alarmingly clear that the horrible experience has left the poor girl completely broken... to the point of absolutely losing her mind, effectively leaving her an Empty Shell.
  • One moment in the manga comes close to that: Slan (pictured above) decides to appear to Guts in the Qliphoth because she's obsessed with him and his continuous struggle against the forces of darkness. She decides to do this by appearing in front of him completely naked and acting as though they're having sex. However, the body she's in is made out of the internal organs of the hundreds of trolls that Guts has just slaughtered, they are surrounded by blood and gore, and she's impaling him with her hair. Squick doesn't even begin to describe it.
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  • The Great Goat is only around for a few chapters, but boy does he ever make up for it. He's an unnaturally tall and thin naked man wearing the head of a goat as a mask. He spends most of his time partaking in orgies with his cultists, and part of the initiation is kissing his penis, which is made to look like a snake due to the hallucinogenic drugs he has his would-be followers take. He also wants to keep Casca as a bride for himself, even after turning into an Apostle Spawn. The audience is treated to a scene of him holding Casca and stroking her with his penis (which now really is a snake) all while he declares his desire to "consummate" his union with her. Thank god Guts arrives in time.
  • The trolls themselves aren't much better, especially given what they do to the women they capture from villages. While in the Qliphoth, Casca and Farnese (who Guts slaughtered the lot of these things to save from the very same fate) encounter Hannah, a woman who lost a husband and brother to the things before being raped and carried off. And then the troll spawn the things impregnated her with burst out of her and devour her in a tragic and horrifying scene.
  • Prior to the horrifying mess that is the Eclipse as a whole, Wyald, the second Apostle the Band of the Hawk encounter, grabs the still not Femto-ized Griffith and rips off his armor... to show the Hawks the terrifying results of the Cold-Blooded Torture he was put through for more than a year. And that's not even mentioning the Dead People On Display that he pulls with his latest victims as he and his Black Dog Knights ride into battle with the Hawks.
  • There are many sexual tortures taken straight from the Spanish Inquisition era that were depicted in high detail in...well, most of the Retribution arc, thanks to depicting a graphic cultist orgy at one point.
  • Another cultist orgy occurs in a flashback during the Guardians of Desire arc — the one that the then-human Count comes across upon returning from crusade and that his own wife is taking part in. He proceeds to kill everyone, but can't kill the wife, which drives him to despair and summons the Godhand, after which we get a single horrifying full-page panel of the wife, still naked, getting eaten by demons as the Count becomes one himself.
  • And then we have Rosine from the Lost Children arc, whose nudity in her fairy (and Apostle) form is very unsettling due to the fact that she's very much not an adult. The "adult attack" that her Apostle spawns (which are made from children that Rosine kidnaps and transforms) do to each other is especially horrific - in the middle of playing joyfully with each other - specifically, a rollicking game of 'war' in which the "elves" are actually murdering each other, tearing each other apart and hoisting up ravaged bodies on multiple spears, all with huge monstrous smiles on their faces - one of them cheers "ADULT ATTACK! ADULT ATTACK!" as it leaps onto one of its fellows whose wings have been destroyed... and then rapes it with its stinger. The next panel, showing the victim's quivering legs and a growing pool of blood, is arguably one of the single most horrific single images in a series notable for horrific imagery. (Please note, these "elves" are all human children who have been kidnapped and transformed - and after they die, they revert back into children. Their ghosts also don't appear to remember whats happened to them and scream for their mothers in anguish and fear.)
  • Guts' friend and companion Farnese is a very pretty blonde girl and she often appears naked or as she's pleasuring herself... in situations that are used to highlight her mental instability and sense of guilt, instead of being played for titillation. For reference, the thing that seems to turn her on the most is people burning to death. And then there's the scene where she almost gets raped by a demon-possessed horse, a situation that is only averted when Guts flashbacks to a certain moment of the Eclipse involving Casca (see above) and shears its head off.
  • One of the Apostles is a beautiful blonde girl who shows up completely naked... but in reality is The Vamp who entices men to enter into her embrace before assuming her monstrous Apostle form and devouring them alive. Guts manages to bed her and kill her in the very first scene of the manga, but during the Eclipse his once-companion Corkus isn't half as lucky and ends up eaten.
  • Princess Charlotte is shown to have a few nude scenes while being 17, which is legal in most countries. However, a lot of those nude scenes are her getting near raped, one of which was by her father. Gross.
    • Her sex scene with Griffith in chapter 38 is rather erotic, but Griffith's demented expression during it is terrifying.