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Hello Tropers. I, Magcargo Man, have made a page for my Super Smash Bros. ideas.

This is where I will store my ideas for future reference, so they don't get lost in the sea of posts in the Super Smash Bros thread.

There is a comments folder at the bottom of the page, where you can comment on my ideas.

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Bowser Jr.

First Appearance: Super Mario Sunshine

He's really the only logical choice for the fifth Mario character (Daisy would be a Peach clone, Waluigi hasn't got a trademark ability), and I like him. Unlike what most people suggest, he shouldn't be able to transform into Shadow Mario; it's gonna be hard enough to put in Bowser Jr without making him a clone, and having to come up with moves for Shadow Mario as well would just be too hard, as Bowser Jr would lose the paintbrush based moves, or worse; Shadow Mario might end up a clone of Mario. His onscreen appearance would be forming from heaps of little paint balls (like how Mario does in Sunshine when he enters a level).

Special Moves:

  • B Special: Fireball - Not like Mario's fireball, but one that soars slowly across the screen, never touching the ground (like ones that Bowser uses in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land). Holding B will charge it up, making it bigger.
  • Side-B Special: Paintbrush - Bowser Jr creates a small pile of goop using the paintbrush (he shoots it out of the brush) in front of him. Walking in the goop can cause you to slip or trip, but the main idea is the goop's effects, which can be changed by his down special. The goop lasts for about 8-10 seconds, and only one can be on the battlefield at a time.
  • Up-B Special: ??? (I don't know. Maybe he might use his mini koopa clown car from New Super Mario Bros. Wii?)
  • Down-B Special: Paint Change - Changes what paint the paintbrush has. It has four variants: Brown, Black, Red & Orange, and Green & Yellow. Brown can spawn a Swoopin' Stu, Black can be on water without dissolving, Red & Orange does fire damage, and Green & Yellow does electrical damage. These changes also affect regular/smash attacks that use the paintbrush as well, which sort of adds an element of strategy.

  • Final Smash: Polluted Piranha Plant - Bowser Jr creates a Polluted Piranha Plant, which can attack foes and has different effects depending on which paint it was made from. It should be noted that ones made from brown goop would spawn more Swoopin' Stus. It wears off after a while (like all time-based Final Smashes).


Series: Yoshi
First Appearance: Super Mario RPG

Unlike Yoshi, Boshi is a much more powerful character. He is heavy than Yoshi, meaning his jump is slightly lower than Yoshi's, and he is slightly slower too (I know he's meant to be faster then Yoshi, but I feel Stronger and Heavier suits him better, or maybe that's just me).

Standard Moves:

  • A - A rather standard punch.
  • AA - Two punches in succession.
  • AAA - Two punches followed by a side-on kick (middle height).

  • Forward-A - ???
  • Up-A - ???
  • Down-A - ???

  • Dash A - Does a dashing headbutt.

  • Ledge Recovery (Less than 100%) - Quickly gets up while performing a strong kick.
  • Ledge Recovery (100% or more damage) - Stomps when he gets up.
  • Forward-Ground Recovery - Kicks forward to get him back on his feet.
  • Backward-Ground Recovery - Roll Attacks backwards.

  • Air A - ???
  • Air Forward-A - Does a headbutt while flipping foward.
  • Air Up-A - Kicks upwards then flips backwards, doing damage due to his sharp clawed feet.
  • Air Down-A - Kicks downwards, doing damage due to his sharp clawed feet.
  • Air Back-A - Kicks backwards. This kick resembles the kick Link does in his backward grab.

  • Smash A - Faces back, then does a powerful kick as he turns around.
  • Smash Up-A - Does a small backflip where he kicks upwards, doing damage due to his sharp clawed feet.
  • Smash Down-A - ???

  • Grab - Reaches out and grabs the opponent.
  • Smash Grab - Sticks out his tongue to grab an opponent. Can also be used as a tether recovery.
  • Grab A - Headbutts repeateadly.
  • Grab Foward - Pushes the opponent foward and kicks them.
  • Grab Backward - A Suplex that throws the opponent behind him (unlike a real life one that simply takes them to the ground).
  • Grab Up - Throws the opponent up and does a backwards headbutt, harming the opponent with his spikes.
  • Grab Down - Throws the opponent below him and falls back, harming the opponent with his spikes.

Special Moves:

  • B Special: Swallow - Boshi sticks out his tongue and swallows the opponent if he gets them. They then recieve damage and are spit out after a second or two (this does damage the same way Gulpin does in Smash; stomach acids, duh!). Since he can move while the opponent during the attack, it is possible for him to "Boshi-cide". He can also use this to eat items. Can also be used as a tether recovery.
  • Side-B Special: Razor Headbutt - Boshi dashes in the direction he is facing headfirst, harming the opponent with the spikes on the back of his head (Boshi's spikes are much sharper than Yoshi's). This move becomes slower when it comes in contact with an opponent, because if he does, he does a small vertical flutter jump, which draws out the attack so it will do more damage. If he misses with this attack, he slams into the ground for a second.
  • Up-B Special: ???
  • Down-B Special: Egg Bomb - Boshi swallows a Bob-Omb and lays an Egg Bomb (which looks like a blue-spotted Yoshi egg with a Bob-Omb's fuse). Unlike Yoshi's eggs, which are thrown in an arc, Boshi can throw Egg Bombs ala Yoshi's Island, but they won't move as fast (balance reasons) and lack the targeting recticle. They are powerful, but like Link's Bombs, they will explode if held for too long.

  • Final Smash: ???

Special Abilities

  • Wallkick
  • Has three jumps instead of two. His double Jump is a standard style one, but his third is a really pitiful flutter jump.


  • Side Taunt - Kicks his saddle over his head and and does a small backflip, his saddle landing on his back afterwards.
  • Up Taunt - Throws his shades (sunglasses) into the air and catches them (like that gun twirl taunt of Falco's), then points them in front of him and says "Bring it on".
  • Down Taunt - Does a handstand on one hand and says "Try me".


  • Default
  • Orange colour
  • Purple colour
  • Black colour
  • White colour
  • Brown colour
  • Special Costume: Super Mario RPG appearance.

Onscreen Appearance

  • Rides in on a Blue and Orange Mach Bike and says "Let's start this already!".


  • I know you are meant to have costumes for Red, Blue and Green, but I find this too limiting. Also, notice how his alts are all the Yoshi colours that you can't choose for Yoshi in Smash.
  • Yes, I made up a Smash Grab. Basically, if your character had a tether grab in a previous game, this becomes their Smash Grab (and hence, only those with tether grabs can have a Smash Grab). Their regular grab now involves grabbing the opponent with their hand like any other character.
  • He looks a bit different form his Super Mario RPG appearance. He's Blue (Dark Blue) instead of Medium Blue (because this is how Fanon depicts him and also because this probably what he was meant to be, considering that in Super Mario World Blue Yoshi's were depicted as a medium blue.), his spikes are more orange than red, lacks fangs, the tops of his shades are diagonal rather than curved (think Squirtle's shades), and instead of that wierd spike he has, he just has three spikes like a normal Yoshi, except they are curved slightly and sharper.

These images are close enough to what he would look like: [1], [2], [3].


Good Egg Galaxy

So we need a Super Mario Galaxy stage, huh? The Comet Observatory's boring, and Battlerock isn't as iconic. Let's have a real stage worthy of representing the game: Good Egg Galaxy. You fight on the main planet; the one with the house and tree on the top, and all the dead trees and castle-like structures on the bottom (you know the one).

Gravity is the stage's main feature here. How does it work, you ask? Easy! When you get hit, you still go flying as usual, but you move with the gravity. So when you are knocked on the top, if you were damaged enough, you would end up on the other side of the planet. But you still gain altitude when you take more damage, but techincally the only way to be KOed is up. But which way's up? All directions! In easier to understand terms, you can be KOed on any edge of the screen (top, left, right, bottom), but the way the gravity works makes it that you can only be KOed from the "top" of whatever side you are on, including the bits that bridge between them.(if the planet was spherical this would be much easier to understand) . If I haven't explained it in a way that makes sense, I'm sorry. Maybe I need to draw a diagram.

Besides the gravity, there are no other unique features. You can see other planets from the Galaxy in the background. Oh, and you get some Awesome Music!


Star Festival and The Comet Observatory should be remixed though; something more upbeat to suit the stage and prevent Soundtrack Dissonance. The Comet Observatory should sound more like its remix from Mario Tennis Open's Galaxy Arena. Also, I was thinking that the song A Chance to Grab a Star! (AKA Get Star Chance) should be in the same track that has the Dino Piranha and King Kaliente's boss themes. Oh, and I'm saving the Battlerock Galaxy theme for another stage idea that I think would suit it better.

Airship Armada

As many of you have suggested, an Airship stage would be ideal. I have this idea for one too. There are two ideas I had in mind, and I'll ask you guys which one do you prefer.

Idea 1: In this version the action takes place on a single airship, with plenty more in the background of a stormy sky. There are several spots to fight on the ship (I don't know the terminology), including the crow's nest (which is added, as they don't normally have them on the airships). It would look like these airships.

A Bill Blaster would occasionally appear at the front of the ship (ala the catapult on Brawl's Pirate Ship stage) and fire Bullet Bills, and a Rocky Wrench would occasionally pop up at the back of the ship. Occasionally, the ship will rise above the clouds, showing outer space (this is purely cosmetic though).

Idea 2: In this one the stage scrolls just like the Airship stages in Super Mario Bros. 3. Like the previous idea, there are airships in the background of a stormy sky. There are plenty of hazards such as Bill Blasters, Bullet Bills, Rocky Wrenches, Rocket engines, Cannons. Those bolt platforms that move when you're on them are present too. The stage eventually loops.


Bowser's Road would be a remix of course.

Lake of Rage

Series: Pokémon

My idea went like this. You are fighting on the lake's shore, however, this is only for about 10 seconds. Afterwards, some platforms rise from the ground. There is one big one, with a small one on the top at each side (these two can alternate position, move, and disappear).

Once over the lake, there is a hazard: Gyaradose. And they do something they've never done before: eat players. This only happens if a player falls in the water, and unlike the fish on the Summit stage, the chances of this are slim. In fact, the Gyaradose can show up even when there is no-one in the water. They can also appear at either side of the stage, where they can be used as platforms, until they dive below the surface.

But the true hazard is the Red Gyarados, who shows up occasionally. He can use different moves on the stage. Bite, where it bites the center platform. Thrash, where it slams the stage with its tail. Hyper Beam, where it uses the massive move ala the laser cannon on the Halberd stage. There was another move I thought of, but I forgot.


Heck yes, I love the Route 225 theme! Buoy Base Galaxy's theme should only be on this stage if there isn't a Mario Galaxy stage. As for Route 29, I think it should start off simple (for only the first bit, like how the start of the Heartgold/Soulsilver version is different), but then become this magnificent orchestrated piece. And yes, for Azalea Town, I am suggesting the original.

Feel free to comment on my ideas here (but no vandalism).
  • I know it'd probably be a bit of a hassle to find them all, but have you considered using any of the other ideas brought up in the SSB thread? - X2X
    • Do you mean other people's ideas? - Magcargo Man
      • Yes. Then again, that kinda defeats the point of this page being simply for your SSB ideas only. - X2X
      • Yeah, I kinda just wanted it to be for my ideas, but if you want to suggest some of your own ideas in the comments here or a make a page like this of your own, feel free to. - MagcargoMan
  • Concerning Lake Rage, I like the overall idea. The various Gyarados living in the lake serving as both aid and hindrances to the players is a nice touch. Maybe the transition from the lake's shore to the actual lake could be a torrential downpour that sweeps the fighters out to sea, knocking them onto conveniently-placed ferry boats (which could be integrated into your pre-existing platform idea). Just a thought. - X2X
    • That sounds cool. It would make more sense for boats than floating platforms in a series like Pokémon. However, at the same time, that means less spots to fight. Oh, the dilemmas of stage design. Thanks for the feedback! - MagcargoMan


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