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A novel set in the far future and After the End written by Gasbarro.

Mayor Calvin runs Jasper City with a (religious) iron fist. A man known as Citizen 71 has a problem with this, and hatches a secret plan to get rid of the current establishment. He also manages to convince his family to help him.

There's just one problem: Citizen 71 is a wanted man. The newly promoted right hand man to Mayor Calvin, is specifically tasked with bringing him and his family down. Raising a family in hiding while plotting your opressors' demise, it seems, do not help keep one's sanity in check.


Meanwhile, that right hand man Citizen A-17 is determined to show his loyalty to the Mayor and his ability to do his new job well. But while he investigates, he starts to have doubts as to whether he's doing the right thing. Between an iron-fisted dictator and a terrorist who's slowly slipping into insanity, it's tough to decide which side is really doing the right thing.

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