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Jake Larson and his Adventures of the Strangest Kind, also known as Jake Larson and his Misadventures of the Strangest Kind, is the working title of an adult animated series (either in Web Animation or Western Animation form) that follows the title character, a tiny bit of an Author Avatar with most of the author's traits comically exaggerated, lacking some of his other traits, and having a few quirks of his own.


Jake Larson is a 16 year old nerd and wannabe author who, while rather nice, is very strange and has a bizzare and violent imagination. Unlike the author, he lives in a small town, and most of the characters only loosely or not at all based on people the author knows. The show is a Dramedy follows him as he attempts to access the dark web to buy illegal things (usually hallucinogens and/or weapons)note , attempts to gather the courage to ask various girls outnote , and usually fails at both while going on various misadventures with his friends and acquaintances, in addition to navigating his rather bizarre life.



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JLAHAOTSK has Loads and Loads of Characters—-

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    Jake Larson 

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