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Uri is a creator of pixellated RPG-style adventure games, generally in the horror genre. She creates her games in Wolf RPG Editor.

So far, games created by Uri include:

  • Insanity (original was made prior to 2011; remake released in 2020)
  • Paranoiac (original released in 2011; remake released in 2019)
  • The Strange Men Series
    • The Crooked Man (original released in 2012; remake released in 2018)
    • The Sandman (original released in 2014; remake released in 2018)
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    • The Boogie Man (original released in 2015; remake released in 2018)
    • The Hanged Man (original released in 2017; remake released in 2018)
  • Mermaid Swamp (original released in 2013; remake released in 2018)
  • Pedestal (released in 2021 in Japan)

Her website can be found here.

Tropes common to Uri's works include:

  • Body Horror: Shows up in several of her games.
    • The monster in Paranoiac is very disfigured and has to crawl along the ground.
    • David's adversary in The Crooked Man has one of the worst neck cricks in existence.
    • In Mermaid Swamp, Yuka's illness causes her to swell, the mermaid of the legend suffers serious health issues and becomes hideous as a result of her entrapment, and the less said about the not-really-mermaids who were the basis for the mermaid legend, the better.
  • Creator's Oddball: Uri has stated that Pedestal is very different from her other games; it's not a horror story but more of a mystery/exploration game, and it heavily involves conversing with other characters to uncover information as opposed to the environmental puzzles common in her other games.
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  • Development Hell: Pedestal was either stuck here or an Extremely Lengthy Creation; the game was announced in 2014 (The Sandman included a preview) and Uri's website listed it as being in development for several years, with it finally being released seven years later in 2021 (only in Japan, with there currently being no plans to release it in other territories). Uri released two more games in The Strange Men series after 2014 and then released updated remakes of her completed games between 2018 and 2020, so it may be she prioritized these games over Pedestal. Pedestal also reportedly features questioning around 100 NPCs as a major game mechanic, so writing out and implementing all the dialogue was likely time-consuming as well.
  • Driven to Suicide: There will probably be at least one character who does this per game, though it varies as to whether they go through with it.
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  • Earn Your Happy Ending: While her games tend to enter some very dark places, they not only tend to have one happy ending among a few bad ones, the happy ending will be one that the characters (and the player) have definitely worked for.
  • Multiple Endings: Most of her games include this trope. There will usually be a good ending and a really bad ending(s).
  • No Export for You: Pedestal was completed in 2021, but hasn't been released outside of Japan. Uri allowed her translator vgperson to play through the game and potentially translate it, but said they weren't under obligation to do so. vgperson has stated that while they're interested in translating the game into English, they don't plan on doing it any time soon (if at all) because it's an extremely dialogue-heavy game and so it would be highly time-consuming (Uri also stated that the game's plot is heavily steeped in Japanese culture, to the point it might be confusing to explain things to non-Japanese players).
  • Signature Style: So far, most of her games have somehow involved a very flawed, just-this-side-of-sane protagonist having to uncover the motives of a restless ghost. The only game that didn't include this is Insanity. The primary antagonist is a human who suffered from a Despair Event Horizon after his daughter's death. Since then, he has been trying to "resurrect" dead humans. When the main characters arrive at the main setting, he starts chasing after them; the protagonists themselves are fairly normal, well-adjusted high schoolers.
  • Sanity Slippage: A major theme throughout her games.
    • In Paranoiac, Miki's aunt suffered this before her death, and Miki herself suffers depression. In the end, she's diagnosed with schizophrenia and it's left in the open whether the monster attacks are even happening at all.
    • In The Crooked Man, David obviously suffers this at least a little bit and has to try to overcome his issues.
    • In Mermaid Swamp, while Yuuta was under Demonic Possession when he went crazy early on, and without its influence would probably have been just fine, Rin and Seitaro both crack in some endings if things get bad enough. Rin in particular.
    • Similarly, in The Sand Man, Sophie breaks down in three of the bad endings.
    • In The Boogie Man, this happens to Keith in two of the Bad Ends, both which involve Helena dying somehow.
    • In one of the endings for The Hanged Man, Will's hallucinations seem like they're there to stay after his hands are destroyed.
  • Tragic Monster: Many of the antagonists qualify.
    • In Paranoiac, the monster that attacks Miki every night is just her aunt Saeki, and all she wants is to make up with Miki.
    • In The Crooked Man, the Crooked Man is really a man named Duke, and he hates David and is really trying to kill him...and at the same time wants him to survive all the things that had driven Duke to suicide.
    • In Mermaid Swamp, the alleged mermaids don't mean any harm at all and just want to be given a proper burial.
    • In The Sand Man, all the guy wants to do is sleep, and stopped time and put everyone to sleep 'forever' so that he could get some rest without having to worry about work. He also honestly wants to help Sophie, and doesn't understand why she doesn't want to sleep.
  • Utsuge: More than being scary, Uri's games have a tendency to be just plain sad, frequently dealing with subjects such as mental illness, grief, loss, dysfunctional families, relationship troubles and so forth.
  • The 'Verse: The Strange Men Series which consists of The Crooked Man, The Sandman, The Boogie Man, and The Hanged Man.
  • Video Game Remake: Uri has remade some of her older games with improved graphics and gameplay, though the stories usually stay much the same. This includes Mermaid Swamp, Paranoiac and Insanity.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Uri originally intended for the Insanity remake to be her final game, but then decided to complete some projects she'd started working on, including Pedestal, though others were cancelled.
    • Uri announced on her website she was working on games titled Haname, One Case and Sudden Illness (the last of which she planned to work on after Pedestal), but they've since been removed from her site, so they're presumably no longer in development.