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The 3DO Company (19912003) was an American video game publisher and developer based in Redwood City, California. Most of its output was for its namesake 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, but after that console left the market, it tried to branch out into third-party software development. As a third-party developer, its best known proprties were the Army Men games and New World Computing's Might and Magic VII through IX, including the Heroes of Might and Magic spinoff series.

In May 2003, 3DO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and its licenses were acquired by other companies, most notably Ubisoft getting the rights to the Might and Magic series.

Video games developed or published by the 3DO Company:

Army Men series:

  • Army Men (Game Boy Color, PC)
  • Army Men II (Game Boy Color, PC)
  • Army Men 3D (PlayStation reimagining of the first game)
  • Army Men: Sarge's Heroes (PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast)
  • Army Men: Toys in Space (PC)
  • Army Men: Air Attack (PC, PlayStation; Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color as Army Men: Air Combat)
  • Army Men: World War (PC, PlayStation)
  • Army Men: Air Tactics (PC)
  • Army Men: World War - Land, Sea, Air (PlayStation)
  • Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 (Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PlayStation 2)
  • Army Men: Air Attack 2 (PlayStation, PlayStation 2, GameCube; subtitled Blade's Revenge in Europe on PS2 and Air Combat - The Elite Missions on GameCube)
  • Army Men: World War - Final Front (PlayStation
  • Army Men: Green Rogue (PlayStation, PlayStation 2; renamed Omega Soldier in Europe)
  • Army Men Advance (Game Boy Advance)
  • Portal Runner (Game Boy Color, PlayStation 2)
  • Army Men: World War - Team Assault (PlayStation)
  • Army Men: Operation Green (Game Boy Advance)
  • Army Men: RTS (PC, PlayStation 2, GameCube)
  • Army Men: Turf Wars (Game Boy Advance)
  • Army Men: Sarge's War (PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube)

Might and Magic series:

  • Arcomage (originally a minigame in MM VII and VIII; released as a standalone game for Windows PCs in 2000)
  • Crusaders of Might and Magic (PC, PlayStation)
  • Heroes Chronicles (a series of eight episodic games using the MM III engine)
  • Heroes of Might and Magic (Game Boy Color, Macintosh, PC)
  • Heroes of Might and Magic
  • Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars
  • Heroes of Might and Magic III
  • Heroes of Might and Magic IV
  • Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff (remake of the original King's Bounty for PlayStation 2)
  • Legends of Might and Magic
  • Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven
  • Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor
  • Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer
  • Might and Magic IX
  • Warriors of Might and Magic (Game Boy Color, PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 2)

Other Games:

  • 3DO Games: Decathlon
  • Action Man: Destruction X
  • Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2001 (PlayStation, PlayStation 2)
  • Aqua Aqua: Wetrix 2 (European publisher)
  • BattleSport
  • BattleTanx (Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64)
  • BattleTanx: Global Assault (Nintendo 64, PlayStation)
  • Blade Force
  • Captain Quazar (3DO, PC)
  • Chaos Overlords
  • Cubix: Robots for Everyone: Race'n Robots
  • Cubix Robots for Everyone: Showdown (GameCube, PlayStation 2)
  • Dragon Rage
  • Escape from Monster Manor
  • Family Game Pack (PlayStation title: Family Game Pack Royale)
  • Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise (3DO version only)
  • Gobs of Games
  • GoDai: Elemental Force
  • Great Soccer Kid
  • Gridders
  • Groovy Bunch of Games
  • Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer
  • High Heat Baseball series (from 1999-2003, originally called Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball)
  • The Incredible Machine
  • Jonny Moseley: Mad Trix
  • Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative
  • Jurassic Park Interactive
  • Killing Time (3DO, Macintosh, PC)
  • The Last Bounty Hunter
  • Mathemagics
  • Meridian 59 (commonly recognized as the first Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)
  • Phoenix 3
  • Player Manager 2000
  • PO'ed
  • Requiem: Avenging Angel
  • Shadow: War of Succession
  • Shifters
  • Slam 'n Jam '95
  • Slopestyle
  • Snow Job
  • Space Shuttle
  • Spaceward Ho! IV
  • Star Fighter
  • Station Invasion
  • Sven Goran Eriksson's World Cup Challenge
  • Sven Goran Eriksson's World Cup Kick Off
  • Sven Goran Eriksson's World Cup Manager
  • TOCA Championship Racing (North American publisher; European version was published by its developer, Codemasters)
  • Toon Time the classroom
  • The Uprising trilogy
    • Uprising: Join or Die
    • Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy
    • Uprising X
  • Vegas Games
  • Vegas Games 2000 (PC, PlayStation)
  • World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks (PlayStation, PlayStation 2)
  • World Destruction League: War Jetz (PlayStation, PlayStation 2)
  • Zhadnost: The People's Party

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