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Tencent Games is the gaming division of Tencent, a Chinese investment holding conglomerate. Tencent is one of the largest tech companies and largest gaming companies in the world, with its flagship service being the social media app WeChat, which has more than a billion users. Tencent has developed its own gaming client to compete with Steam, which was launched globally in 2019 as WeGame X.

Tencent has a ton of investments, including many in the gaming world. It fully owns Riot Games (the publisher of League of Legends) and has a majority stake in Grinding Gear Games (Path of Exile). It also owns share in the following developers: Epic Games, Bluehole (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds), Activision Blizzard, and Ubisoft.

Tencent Games and its parent company have a sometimes fraught relationship with the Chinese government, which is worried about the alleged negative effects of gaming on the minds of young children. To mitigate these concerns, Tencent has introduced play time limits and has reduced the gore in some games in the Chinese market. Outside of China, critics accuse the company of being a Trojan Horse for bringing Chinese-style censorship to the masses and taking chunks of profits from both Chinese and non-Chinese gamers through aggressive microtransactions.


Games developed or published by Tencent Games: