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Michael Roark is an American actor born in May 9, 1983 in Schaumburg, Illinois. He has been acting since 2010.

Works he has appeared in:

  • Banshee: Billy B
  • Dolphin Tale: Donovan Peck
  • Drop Dead Diva: Joe Bray
  • The Following: Detective Warren
  • The Glades: Justin Brussard
  • L.A. Dirt: Ty Hargrove
  • Magic City: Young Attorney
  • Magic Mike: Ryan
  • Party Girl: Party guest
  • Privileged: Bodyguard
  • Psyche: Devlin
  • Retrospective: Ronnie Meridian
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  • Revolution: Sean, appearing in the episode "Sex and Drugs"
  • Rizzoli & Isles: Terran Mc Guire
  • Thursday: Chase
  • The Vampire Diaries: Frank


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