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Mario Vargas Llosa (born 1936) is a Peruvian writer, politician and 2010 Nobel Laureate for Literature. He is a firm believer of Write What You Know and tends to do the research of the subject he’s writing about.

His critics still debate whether he is a modernist or postmodernist.

Some of his books have been adapted to the big screen.

He started being a leftist person, and even supported Castro’s government, before he became disillusioned with his dictatorship. Since then, he has allied with more centre-right politics. He competed for the presidency of his country in the early ‘90s, but was defeated by Alberto Fujimori. Disheartened by his loss, Vargas Llosa moved to Spain and became a Spanish citizen. (He's now also officially a Spanish nobleman; the King made him a marquis after Vargas Llosa was awarded his Nobel Prize.) That said, he still spends time in Peru.

He’s also the guy who said that Mexico “is the perfect dictatorship.” Of course, that was back then in 1990. He also got in a fight with his once-friend Gabriel García Márquez for some reason and they never spoke ever again (García Márquez having died in 2014).

His bibliography includes:

Tropes about him and his work:

  • Hollywood Drowning: Averted in “On Sunday”. Though Rubén still splashes and screams for help, Miguel knows to not let Ruben touch him or they’ll both drown; instead, Miguel takes him by the hair to save him.
  • Honor Before Reason: Don Leonidas and Justo in “The Challenge”.